When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


2. Moving Away

We stopped at a store to get some food, and supplies so we didn’t starve to death, or run out of ammo for the guns. The parking lot was trashed, light posts knocked down, fires from blown up cars were everywhere. We stopped in front of the store, looking around for zombies. There were none around us, so we carefully got out or off the bike, and tried to not make any sounds walking up to the doors. Before we went inside, Liana stopped us.

    “Do we have a plan?” asked Liana.

    “Right. Josh, Luke, and I are going to make sure its all clear while you four stay out here.” said Rudy as he cocked his shotgun, and it to Luke.

    “Wait, why are you giving me this? You need it.” said Luke.

    “No I don’t because I don’t want it. You take it Luke, I have my bat. We’ll whistle when it is all clear.” said Rudy.


    Before they went in, Aurora grabbed Rudy’s arm, and stared into his eyes. Tears started to to form in her eyes as she thought that he would get hurt or worse. Rudy cupped her face with his hands, wiping the tears off her checks.

“Hey don’t cry. I will be coming back to you. Like I said earlier, I love you, and I will not leave your side.” said Rudy as he held Aurora around her waist.

“Just promise me one thing. Come back to me in one piece.” said Aurora as she held tightly onto Rudy’s shirt.

    “I promise.” said Rudy as he gently planted a kiss on her soft lips.


    The kiss was a few seconds long, before Rudy walked towards the door. He looked over to Josh, and Luke then back at Aurora. Rudy winked at her, then walked into the store with Josh, and Luke close behind him. Once inside there were shelves knocked over, dead bodies everywhere in front, and a few walkers in the back. Rudy nodded to Josh to go to the left, and Luke to go the right while Rudy takes the center.

Making their ways to the back of the store, Josh killed three zombies, Luke killed three, and Rudy killed two. Rudy got to the hunting sections, and saw a hunting bow with a set of arrows sitting on the counter. He looked to the side of him, and saw three rifles that were fully loaded, and in the glass case. He grabbed the bow, and went back to the center to meet Josh, and Luke.

    “Do you think it is safe for everyone else?” asked Luke.

    “Yes, let me let them know.” said Josh as he whistled.

    “Wait wait.” said Rudy, but he was too late.


    Liana, Sarah, Aurora, and Ariana walked in, but out of nowhere two zombies came running towards the group. The girls screamed while these two zombies got closer and closer, while Josh, and Luke tried to take them out without hurting the girls. Before the two zombies could reach them, two arrows came out from behind Josh, and Luke, killing the zombies. Both Josh, and Luke looked behind them to see Rudy holding a bow after two arrows were shot and nodded.

    “We’ll stay here for night, and pick it up in the morning.” said Rudy.

    “Wait, who died and made you boss?” asked Liana.

    “At night they only came worse. If you want to do that then lets do it. I thought we could sleep here, and not sleep in the car.” said Rudy.

    “Oh well on second thought, let's sleep here. You’re still not the boss.” said Liana.

    “I don’t think that I’m the boss. Here we can change clothes, eat, get supplies, and sleep. Josh, Luke, meet me in the hunting sections in ten minutes.” said Rudy.


    Everyone turned in their own directions, and as Rudy was walking away; he saw Aurora walking up to a bed set. He walked over to her, and as she turned around, they bumped into each other.

    “Oh hey, what are you doing?” asked Aurora.

    “I wanted to see if you were okay” said Rudy.

    “What do you mean?” asked Aurora.

    “Well you been quiet after that zombie incident. I just wanted to see if you’re okay.” said Rudy.

    “Yeah, I’m alright. I just thought it was over for us, before you saved us.” said Aurora.

    “I won’t let anything hurt you. I love you so much.” said Rudy as he held Aurora.

    “So I was wondering what was your plans for tonight.” said Aurora.

“Eat something light, talk to the guys, and come back here to lay down. Would you like to join me for the last part?” asked Rudy.

    “Sure, so I’ll see you here then.” said Aurora as she smiled.

    “Go get something to eat and wear. I’ll see you later.” said Rudy.


As Aurora walked away, Rudy walked to the hunting sections to see Josh, and Luke standing there holding the rifles that were in the glass case which was shattered now on the floor.

“I’ll see you found a way to get those guns out.” said Rudy as he walked over to them.

“What did you need to talk about?” asked Josh.

“Right now we have guns, and bows. We have to talk about using them, and how much ammo we have.” said Rudy.

“I don’t use bows, so I will take the shotguns.” said Josh.

“I will take the rifles, and cover you.” said Luke.

“So we have thirty seven shotgun shells, one hundred bullets, and about five hundred bolts. I will take the bow.” said Rudy.

“Take your ammo, and keep the others safe. Josh keep this 9mm for secondary weapon.” said Rudy.

“Alright, but there is one more subject we need to talk about. Who will be the group leader? Someone to lead us in where we go.” said Josh.

“Lets discuss this during dinner with everyone. If we do something or make a big decision on our own; Liana and the girls will kill us.” said Rudy.

“Your right, and I don’t think we want to die tonight. Good meeting. Dinner will be done soon.” said Josh.


    Before the three of them left, they cocked a gun, and headed to the dinning sections. As they walked up, the girls saw what they had, and looked at them. Liana looked at Josh with eyes like daggers. Josh looked at Rudy, then Luke trying to not keep Liana’s gaze. Aurora stared at Rudy who placed the bow down at his chair. He looked up, and nodded. He looked up at Josh, and did the same thing. Liana noticed that Josh was pointing at Rudy, and mumbling.

    “What is it?” asked Liana as she watched Josh drop his head.

    “We need to point a leader to lead us.” said Josh with his head still down.

    “So you elect yourself to be the leader?” asked Ariana.

    “Not really. I want to elect Rudy to be our leader. He has my vote.” said Josh as he looked over to Rudy who was trying to not choke on his food.

    “Me? Why me?” asked Rudy.

    “He does have a point. You have lead us here to this store, past the zombies, hell you even risked your life for us.” said Aurora.

    “Okay then, who else wants me to be the leader, raise your hand.” said Rudy as he watched everyone slowly raise their hands.

    “So then I guess it is done. I hear by name our leader, Rudy.” said Luke.

    “Fine, I will do my best. Since that is taken care of; lets eat, and get some sleep.” said Rudy.


    Everyone sat down to the meal, and ate away. Half way through the meal, Rudy got up, and started to head to the roof. Before Liana could get up, Aurora was already following him. Josh grabbed Liana’s arms, and shook his head. Josh got up himself to go to the gym section of the mall.

Aurora followed Rudy until he reached up to the top, and turned to her. She walked up to him until Rudy grabbed her waist. She looked in his eyes, and saw the tint of brown. Rudy stared back into her eyes. Aurora had brown eyes with a streak of amber on the bottom as if a point brush has been streaked across the bottom. Her eyes were beautiful and Rudy wanted to stare in them all the time. He bent his head down, and captured a kiss on Aurora’s soft lips. The kiss was passionate, and lasted for a couple of seconds when Aurora pulled away.

    “What’s wrong?” asked Aurora as she stared into his eyes.

    “Can I really be a leader?” asked Rudy as he stared back.

    “Yes, I believe you can. You have lead us out of the school, and to this store. We haven’t lost anyone.” said Aurora.

    “Do you think I can do it? Did you see the shock on everyones face? I can’t lose any of you, so if you believe I can, then I will do my best.” said Rudy as he cupped her face with his hands.

    “I know you can and will do your best. I know you will use all your strength and power to keep us safe.” said Aurora as she kissed him.

    “Uh Rudy, can I speak to you?” asked a voice from behind them that made them break the kiss up.


Aurora turned around, and saw Liana standing next to the door. Rudy looked down at Aurora, and back at Liana.

“Yeah sure.” said Rudy.

    “What are you going to do after this talk?” asked Aurora.

    “Go to bed. I'll meet you there in a couple of minutes.” said Rudy as he kissed her for a second.

    “I’ll see you down there. I love you.” said Aurora.

    "I love you too. Alright Liana, what did you want to about?” asked Rudy as he watched Aurora walk away while Liana walked closer to him.

    “I wanted to say that I’m sorry that I have been such a bitch to you. I also want to say thank  you for saving us. You're still a jackass, but you're also brave.” said Liana as she walked closer to him, but he backed up.

“I know you're here for more than that. You're disappointed that I was chosen as leader. You don’t think I can do it.” said  Rudy as he watched Liana’s eyes widen.

“How do you know that?” asked Liana as she turned to the left.

“I could see you were unhappy with me being elected. Speak your mind.” said Rudy.

“I dont think you can be a leader because you are reckless. Saving us even if you die, is not a leader. I do not believe you can do it. Taking the role means more than just protecting us. It is to lead us to safety, and to be the best of all of us. You are the leader to everyone else, but to me you’re a jackass that doesn't know when to quit.” said Liana.

“Everyone trust me with their lives. You may not believe that I can be leader, but the others believe I can. You don’t have to trust me, but I will do my best to keep you all safe.” said Rudy as he walked over the ledge.

“What are you doing?”asked Liana.

“I will show you that what I do can protect you, and everyone else. We have walkers trying to get into the store. About sixty, so here I go.” said Rudy as he jumped off the ledge.

“No! Rudy don’t!” yelled Liana as she ran towards the edge.


As Rudy was falling, he noticed a hole in the glass doors, and the zombies were trying to climb through it. He could hear shotgun blasts, and some kind of handgun blasts. Four zombies were walking up to the door, when both boys were reloading, so Rudy loaded four arrows into his bow. As Luke told Josh to get more shells for the shotgun, the four arrows came down onto the zombies killing them instantly. Rudy landed in front of the door, and looked back at Luke who was done reloading his guns.

“Luke, block the door! I’ll cover you!” yelled Rudy as he shot more arrows at the walkers.

“How are you going to get back in?” asked Luke.

“Leave a small hole in the door before you block it. Now go.” said Rudy as he shot more arrows at the walkers who were coming closer in a pack.


Luke nodded, but threw a shotgun out at Rudy, before he grabbed a table, and blocked the window. He told Josh to block the doors, and windows while he goes up on the roof to help Rudy from above. Rudy placed the shotgun on around his shoulder, and kept using his bow for the time being. Rudy heard a gunshot from above him, so when he looked up; he saw Luke shooting the rifles on the roof. He waved, then started shooting again. Rudy started shooting more arrows until Josh called out to him.

    “Rudy, let’s go! Get in!” said Josh through the little hole in the door.

    “Block the hole, I have a way to get inside. Block the door, before more come.” said Rudy as he saw a rope attached to a clip fall from the roof.

    “Where are you getting in?” asked Josh.

    “Meet me on the roof. I’ll be there.” said Rudy as he clipped the rope to his pants.

As he watched Josh block the hole, he started to run around the store, until he got enough speed to run along the wall. Josh got to the roof before Rudy could. As they searched for him, Luke was standing on a high ledge staring at Rudy and began to start laughing. Josh got up to the ledge that Luke was standing and spotted Rudy doing the impossible. Running along the side of the wall, making his way up to the roof, but when he got to the edge of the roof, he leaped and landed in front of them.

    “How did you that?” asked Josh.

    “Speed and movement is the key. Now we must leave at dawn. Get some sleep and stay alert.” said Rudy as he took the bow off of his back.

    “Where are we going now since our position is known.” said Luke.

    “We could go to a big city and look for supplies. How does Los Angeles sound?” asked Josh.

    “Sure, but we need to keep down to the shadows, and keep quiet. The only thing about big cities are more zombies.” said Rudy.

    “Right, so we need hand to hand weapons

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