When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


8. Mistakes

Sarah watched as the person who saved her, and the person who wanted to protect them disappeared as he ran further down the road. She climbed into her car, and started to have tears fall down her face. Liana started to feel the anger and rage leave her, but when she looked down the road; she saw Rudy running. Before she could say anything, it hit her that she told him to leave, and he may never come back. She turned around to see Josh, and Luke walking up to her.

    “So now since our leader is gone, who will lead us?” asked Luke.

    “I will. Lets get to that beach. There we will stay.” said Josh.

    “Then lets go.” said Liana as she climbed into her car.


    The group started to head off towards the beach while Rudy was slicing away at the zombies, fighting to survive. He started to think about how the way Liana reacted, and if he should ever go back. This wasn’t new, every week he would piss her off, and she wouldn’t talk to him. Now since he pulled a crazy stunt, he started to think that if he were to return, she would kill him. It pondered in his mind, but he stopped thinking about it when Rudy saw two huge brutes run at him. Rudy dropped his guns, and thought that if he got of this, he would hold Sarah tighter than ever, and stay with her forever. As he was fighting, the sound of engines echoed through the streets, and alerted every zombie to run that way. Even the brutes stopped fighting Rudy, and bolted to the loud sound. Rudy saw them, and rushed to stop the horde, but he realised who it was. Now it was something he had to do.

Josh was about to head out when he saw two huge brutes turning the corner with a horde behind them. He saw Luke getting out of his car to start shooting, but something smashed into the brutes heads causing it to fly into another street. Before they could do anything, Antonio’s group jumped the bridge, and started to shoot at Rudy who was running down another street. Josh got into his car, and ducked, but he thought about helping Rudy, though he had to get the group away from this place.

Rudy was running through the horde, killing zombies while trying to get away from Antonio, Gabby, and Ariana who were chasing him in their cars. Now hold on a second, and think about this, three cars against on foot; now a lot of you are thinking he’s dead, but I say shut up smartasses. Rudy saw alley ways to run into, but he would be put to his limit. That same limit was coming up, and he had to lose those idiots. Without thinking, he went into a small alleyway, but Gabby followed him. Rudy saw her crash her car, but she still ran after him.

    “Damn it Gabby, give it up.” said Rudy as he climbed up fire escape.

    “No, I made a mistake of not killing you once. I’m not making that choice again.” said Gabby as she followed him.

    “Why do you want me dead so badly?” asked Rudy as he jumped onto another roof.

    “Because you protected that bitch that hurt my brother.” said Gabby.

    “If you hurt her, of course I would jump into. You tried to hurt, and I stopped it.” said Rudy.

    “It was none of your business. You should have stayed out of it.” said Gabby.

    “She’s my sister. I told you that if you wanted to hurt her, you had to through me.” said Rudy.

    “And we tried to, but your dumbass kept getting up. Even that gunman should have killed her, but you have to just jump in the way. That’s right, that gunman should have killed her, but it failed then Antonio should have killed her, but he decided to shoot you.” said Gabby as she saw Rudy stop in his tracks.

    “What are you talking about? Are you saying that was an organized attack?” asked Rudy as he placed his left hand over his chest.

“That’s right, I paid the gunner to kill Liana, but I should have known your dumbass was going to jump into the way. You should have given up and died, but no. You had to fucking get back up.” said Gabby.

“I told you that I would not let you touch her. It it was someone else with intentions of death, I will not let them get the chance to do so.” said Rudy as he felt his body start to shake.

“Just let her die already. She’s nothing to you, and it’s no use to dye over someone who doesnt love you.” said Gabby as she pulled out her glock.

“She is family. Nothing a snot nose bitch would know anything about. Just shut the hell up, and leave her alone.” said Rudy as he gripped his sword.

    “Or what? You're going to kill me with a piece of metal.” said Gabby.

    “Don’t think I can do it?” asked Rudy as he lowered his head.

    “I could shoot you faster than you can draw that sword.” said Gabby as she cocked her gun.

    “You wanna bet?” asked Rudy as he started to laugh.


    Before Gabby said another word, she shot two bullets at Rudy. There was a sound of clanking metal, and the sound of Rudy laughing. Gabby looked up to see the two bullets on the ground in front of Rudy who was untouched. No wounds appeared by blood on his white T-shirt. Gabby shot another bullet, but it didn’t get to Rudy. Gabby started to get angry, so she pulled out a M-16 that was on her back, and shot thirty bullets at Rudy. Just like the last time, none of her bullets touched Rudy. Going to her last resort, she pulled out her RPG, and thought he couldn’t dodge this.

    Rudy dropped his head once again as he started to laugh as Gabby fired her weapon. Rudy looked up in a quick second before impact, and hit it to go up into the air. Just to make it go boom, he threw a knife up to cause the impact. Gabby looked at Rudy who was still standing there laughing, but looked to see a huge cloud of smoke. Something was coming at her at a high speed, but as she jumped back, the knife slammed into the roof where she once stood.

    “You can’t kill me by a mere hand weapon. If you want to kill me, you must beat me by your own hands.” said Rudy as he started to walk to his right.

    “Now I would rather kill you with my own weapons. My own choice.” said Gabby as she dropped her guns.

    “Your choice? What’s the weapon you choose?” asked Rudy.

    “My own sword.” said Gabby as she slowly drew it from her side.

    “Swords? You want to kill me with a sword or a piece of metal?” asked Rudy as he started to laugh once more.

    “You don’t have skills with swords plus I bet I could kill you in ten moves.” said Gabby.

    “Ten moves? I bet I could kill you in one.” said Rudy as he stopped walking.

    “Don’t get cocky!” yelled Gabby as she charged.


    Rudy wasn’t looking at Gabby while she charged, but when she slashed at him; Rudy jumped back dodging the attack. She looked back at him, and noticed his eyes were closed, and he put the sword away. Anger went through Gabby as she thought it would be easy to kill him now since he doesn't have his weapon out. Like what happened before, Gabby tried to cut Rudy, but he only jumped out of the way, but he landed too close to the center. Gabby only had eight moves left, but she wondered how he was still alive after two heavy attacks.

“Is that all you got?” asked Rudy.

“Stop moving god damnit. You have your eyes closed, and no weapon drawn to fight me.” said Gabby.

“To be a good fighter, you must have patience. To have patience,you must see your target with not just your eyes, but with your soul. You must accept that to be a sword master.” said Rudy as he drew his sword.

“Shut up!” yelled Gabby as she ran towards him.


Rudy only moved to his left by one step, and place his sword grip near his chest. Gabby ran straight towards Rudy, but didn’t see the sword until it was too late. Blood started to drop on the roof, as Rudy barely opened his eyes.

    “God damnit you, I’ll kill you now.” said Gabby as she slashed her sword at Rudy’s chest.

    “Just let it go Gabby. You spent two years planning my death, and now you have gotten to close to your goal.” said Rudy.

    “You know I hate you, but once you die; I’ll kick your ass in hell” said Gabby.

    “Can’t wait now.” said Rudy as he stood up, and walked to the edge.

    “Wait. Why would you save her? Why protect Liana?” asked Gabby.

    “Because when I came to City, I had no one. No friends. Then when I met her, she changed my life. I finally found someone to call my friend, but when her life went to hell, I swore I would get her out of it. If we didn’t have to fight, I believe we could have been friends.” said Rudy.

    “Maybe, now go away so I can watch the last sunset in peace.’ said Gabby.


    Rudy started to jump down the roofs, looking for another car and no zombies. He looked down to see Ariana’s car going towards the group, but she stopped to look up at him. Ariana pulled out a gun, and shot at him. Knowing this was bad, Rudy bolted out of there as fast as he could, jumping from every rooftop he could reach. Bullets came flying up at him as he jumped out of the way, when one bullet struck him in the chest. Blood started to drip down the the ground in front of Ariana. He saw the beach up ahead, and there he saw Sarah’s car pulling into a parking lot, but he looked a bit further to see one massive horde coming towards them. He started to run towards them, but when he looked for Lilly, and Josh; something hit him. They were going to shoot a .50 cal sniper rifle, but they aimed it at Ariana who was focused on Rudy. He tried to stop them, because that gun will echo through the whole city, bringing every zombie towards them.

    He started to run at the little group, and started to feel the gunshot get deeper. He looked up as Liana pulled the trigger, and a loud “BANG” went through the whole city, but the closet horde was already running towards them. Rudy was trying to figure this one out, but could think of one way. To do something completely crazy and stupid. It was either that or let them die, so Rudy jumped down from the roof, and landed on top of the car. Pain filled his legs, but he rolled off the hood, and climbed into the car. The car was all torn up inside, and he could tell Ariana was really pissed of at him.

    The feeling of danger hit Sarah as she climbed out of her car to look around. She didn’t see anything that was dangerous, but she saw Luke preparing for a fight. She saw him reloading all his guns, and putting a vest on.

    “Luke, what are you doing?” asked Sarah as she walked to the humvee.

    “That blast echoed everywhere, and if I am correct; zombies would have heard it. I’m just getting ready for a fight.’ said Luke.

    “Do you think Rudy’s okay?” asked Sarah.

    “I think you can ask him yourself.” said Luke.
    “Why do you say that?” asked Sarah.

    “Because that crazy bastard is coming our way. He might know something is going on, and trying to do something about it.’ said Luke as he pointed down the road.


    Sarah looked down the road to see a red mustang coming straight towards them. She looked at both Josh and Liana who saw the car heading their way. Rudy eyes the horde behind the, and shifted into his plan. He zoomed past the group, heading towards the horde, but was about to do something really really stupid, maybe one of the craziest stunts ever done. More insane than the bridge jump.

    Josh got to the road, followed by Luke who saw the horde. Luke aimed at it, but Josh stopped him as Rudy got closer to the huge horde. Seeing that he was about to do something stupid, Josh ran to Liana, then to the humvee.

    “What’s going on Josh” asked Liana.

    “Luke, long range. Sarah, stay with Liana.’ said Josh as he grabbed a machine gun.

    “Josh, what the hell is going on?” asked Liana.

    “One massive horde is coming our way, and whoever that is went straight towards it.” said Josh.

    “Who would be that stupid to go against that?” asked Liana.

    “Do you really want us to answer that question?” asked Sarah.

    “What is he up to now?” asked Liana.

    “Something really insane by my guess.” said Josh.


    Rudy was coming up on the horde fast, and hit the button that had the E on it. The car started to turn into one big bomb, but Sarah wondered if he was going to blow himself to hell with the zombies, but it wouldn’t make sense. Why would he kill himself, but if he was trying to show us that he is sorry for everything that he ever did. The horde was coming closer, and closer to the car as Rudy realised that he was in the middle of it now. The zombies flipped the car, and started to pry their way into the car to Rudy whose wounds reopened. He waited until the zombies opened the door, when he hit a red button for the car to explode; killing many zombies, and sending Rudy up into the air.

    “Holy shit! That dumbass just blew himself to hell.” said Liana.

    “I think I know what he was doing.” said Sarah.

    “What do you mean?” asked Liana.

    “Rudy has tried to forget what he did to us. Hurting us really bad, but he tried to show his mistakes, and make up for them. I believe he wanted to try one last time. By doing this, he has really shown that he wouldn’t back down.” said Sarah.

    “Even if that was true, then why is his body coming straight towards us?” asked Josh as he pointed up.

    “Move!” yelled Luke as everyone moved out of the way as Rudy’s body slammed into the ground.

    “Is he dead?” asked Sarah.

    “He’s gone. Rudy isn’t with us anymore.” said Luke as she removed his hand from his neck.

    “So now what are we going to do?” asked Liana.

    “We’re going to pack his body into the humvee, then we’re going to find shelter somewhere else.” said Luke.

    “Why are we taking him with us? Why not leave him here?” asked Josh.

    “You know he wouldn’t leave you behind.” said Luke.

    “He’s dead! There’s no way he is going to get up from this one.” said Josh.


    What happened next surprised all of them. From Rudy’s body, movement was appearing to happen. Sarah walked over to see Rudy moving slowly, pain coursed through his movements. Liana looked back at Luke who was surprised as they wanted Rudy crawling to the water. Rudy should have been dead, and yet he was crawling to the water. Everyone watched him get to the water, and floated out to open water where the waves crashed into him. Luke looked around, and ran straight into the water with a smile of his face. Josh watched Luke swim out to Rudy, and started to splash around with him. Sarah started to run at the shore when both Luke and Rudy started to walk out of the water; tackling him back into the water.

    “See I told you I’d be in your arms here.” said Sarah as she hugged tighter.

    “I know. I’m sorry for believing that if I left, the area would be safer. And for making you think I was dead.” said Rudy.

    “You scared me. I thought you had left, and when you past us, I thought of you being dead pondered in my mind. I’m just wondering how the heck you're alive?” asked Sarah.

    “Well when the car blew up, I jumped out of the door, and the explosion sent me flying. I didn’t think I would land in front of you. I thought I would have landed on the road, but I hit the sand, and nearly broke my left arm for landing really hard on it.” said Rudy.

    “Then why did you crawl to the water? Why not get up, and face us?” asked Sarah.

    “I just wanted to feel the cold soothing water, and hit the waves. I know Liana’s pissed off, and Josh is surprised by this, but I had to feel the water before I get yelled at.” said Rudy as he slowly stood up.

    “Rudy, night fall has hit. We need to get out of here before another horde comes around.” said Luke.

    “Wait, who said he’s the leader again? Josh is the leader, and I will follow him.” said Liana.

    “Well Josh, what are your orders? Where are we going?” asked Rudy as he walked up to him.

    “Theres a mall up ahead. That will be our shelter for a couple of days. We will be there until I can come up with another plan.” said Josh.

    “Okay, lets head out.” said Luke as he got into his car.


    As everyone got into their cars, Rudy started to think about his plan. The mall was in the center of town, and there is a possibility that there will be zombies everywhere around that area, but he had to agree with Josh. He walked over to Sarah’s car, but only to be thrown the keys to drive. He looked at Sarah, and saw a look of excitement in her eyes. As they drove off, the night started to come closer and closer. As they pulled up, the mall was dark, but Rudy didn’t like this idea. He got out to open the garage door, but had a feeling something was going to happen. The four cars got into the garage when Rudy heard a moan that could only come from one demon thing. He looked closely at the darkness to see a pair of red eyes, and right before he could do anything, those eyes came out to be a brute.

    Rudy looked back at Sarah who stopped to see what he was doing. She saw a brute walking up to the mall, and could see the gears in Rudy’s mind turning, but he drew his sword. She watched him walk outside of the door, and let go of the chain that held the door open for the garage. Everyone watched as the door came down, shutting Rudy out of the mall entrance. Rudy could hear the brute getting closer with every step it took, but also heard Sarah tugging on the chain to open the door.

    “No Sarah, stay in there. Move into the building, and stay with the group. Leave this to me.” said Rudy.

    “You will die if you fight this thing. You haven’t recovered from your last battle or that bad landing. You will surely die from this. Don’t risk it.” said Sarah.

    “Then I will finally repay for my mistakes, and all the times I almost got you guys killed.” said Rudy.

    “No, you can’t do this. You will die, and I will lose you. Please don’t leave.” said Sarah.

    “I’ll be back as soon as I can, oh maybe a little longer then that.” said Rudy.

    “Why do you say that?” asked Sarah as she heard crashed.

    “Get inside now. I’ll be there soon, just get inside the mall.” said Rudy as there was another crash from the other side.


    Liana and Josh pulled Sarah into the mall, while Luke shut the door and blocked it. Josh left Sarah with Liana as he went to Luke, and took the bags of guns to the door. He looked at Luke, then nodded at him as he walked around the mall. Liana watched Josh, and Luke walk around the mall, going through the stores searching for the dead. Sarah tried to listen for any sounds outside, but only silence came after that crash. Sobs filled it, but no other sounds; no sounds of grunts or metal hitting flesh or crashing. Only the sounds of tears hitting the ground. Liana tried to get Sarah to calm down, but all Sarah wanted to was to see Rudy come back in one piece.

    Luke checked every store on the second floor, and met with Josh in a gun shop. He walked in through the door to see guns mounted from the pistol to the gatling gun on the walls, and ammo on the shelves. Grenades were behind the counter, and they went from a frag to a stun grenade. Josh stood in front of the pistols.

    “Josh, all the stores are clear, but Rudy did bring up a good point. Do you think he has almost gotten us killed?” asked Luke as he walked up next to Josh.

    “He did, but I don’t think he should be trying to give his life away for that. Rudy might be one dumbass that wants to keep us, but it looks like he comes back for his love.” said Josh.

    “I’ve known him for years and I know that he is trying to serve his promise to all of us. Even if he dies, or comes close to dying, he is trying to do everything in his power to keep it.” said Luke.

    “Go up on the roof, and watch out for anything that could be a threat to us. Shoot anything that is dead, but help Rudy get into the mall when he comes to us after his battle.” said Josh as he walked out of the shop holding an AK-47.


    Liana saw Josh walk straight to the door, and saw him drop to his knees. She watched him get back up to his feet, and walked away to a gym that had a bunch of free weights. Liana followed him to see that he loaded a bench press up with two forty fives on both sides bringing it to one eighty. Liana knew that him and Rudy went to the gym everyday before school for three years. She had never seen what they did, but Josh would always come back first. Liana watched Josh do one set of ten, and put more weight onto it before he noticed her standing there.

    “Hi Lilly. Can I do something for you?” asked Josh.

    “No, I just wanted to see if your okay.” said Liana as she walked up to him.

    “I’m fine. I just need to do this again. I miss doing this in the morning, but when this shit happened; I stopped this.” said Josh.

    “I have a question for you. In the morning when you and Rudy would go to the gym, why would he be late every morning? Why wouldn’t he come back when you did?” asked Liana.

    “He would stay back to workout or work to his limits. He would load a bench press up to the weight of five fifty, and complete six sets of ten. He would push himself to his limits in the first ten seconds when we first get there. I would tell him not to over do it, but he would only say that this one thing was for his family. He wouldn’t tell me anything else about it. I wanted to know more until I visited his home.” said Josh as he walked up to a mirror.

“What happened when you visited his home?” asked Liana.

“Remember when his family was murdered, and he blamed himself for their deaths.’ said Josh.

“Yes, he wasn’t himself for almost six months. What happened to him?” asked Liana.

“When I went to his house, he was past out on the ground outside his house with weights, and swords around him. He was covered in blood, and two swords that were stabbed into the ground with blood stained on them. When he started to gain his strength, he jumped up, and rushed back inside his house, but instead of stopping, he screamed inside.” said Josh.

“You showed up after his family died, and you were the one that carried him to the hospital.” said Liana.

    “Yes, blood was everywhere around the house. Where he was laying, blood ran deep into the soil, and he had two long cuts like a X on his back. Once he passed out again, I took him to the hospital, and after that he worked harder.” said Josh as he dropped his head.

    “Worked harder? You mean he worked over his limits?” asked Liana.

    “Yes, he worked his body past his limits every minute of everyday. Even after he fell down the stairs. Even when he was injured, he wouldn’t stop trying to push his body past his limits.” said Josh.

    “So why are you thinking about this?” asked Liana.

    “I have noticed that he is doing the same thing these last couple of days. Saving us from the school, getting us from those things. Plus he got us these cars , and hasn’t gotten a drop of sleep since we were at the store. His limits have been reached, but he still goes on fighting with everything he has left.” said Josh.

    “Why do you suppose that it?” asked Liana.

    “I believe it’s because we’re his new family, and he doesn’t want to lose his family.” said Josh.

    “So he never wants to lose us like he lost his own family. That’s why he fights tooth and nail for us?” asked Liana as she started to think about all the times she yelled at him.

    “He doesn’t stop until we’re all safe, but when Aurora broke up with him; he lost a piece of his heart, and some of his fighting spirit. Then when Ariana started to beat the hell out of him; he didn’t hit back because of the way she acted towards him like a sister. This explains all his actions till now.” said Josh.

    “Now I need to say that I’m sorry for being a bitch to him.” said Liana.

    “I didn’t believe that will be needed, because he forgives us all for our actions and how we treat him.” said Josh.

    “Oh okay. So I guess we wait.” said Liana.

    “Yes, now we wait.” said Josh.


    Liana walked out of the store,and noticed Sarah holding clips together, making a chain.  She had at least thirty of them together, and started to tie rope at the end. Sarah got up and clipped the end of it to a chain link fence that would cover the stores, and started to walk to the opposite direction. Liana had no idea what Sarah was going to do with her chain, but she saw Luke heading to the roof hold a missile launcher on his shoulder. She saw a weird look on his face that had horror, and joy in it. She chased after him, and got to the roof as she watched Luke throwing the missile launcher to someone as they jumped off the roof. She rushed over to the edge, but was stopped by Luke.

    “Luke what the hell are you.......who the hell was that?” asked Liana.
    “Go back down stairs. Josh and Sarah will need you more.” said Luke as he place his hand over his left ear.

    “Who the hell did you give that missile launcher too, and what the hell are you doing up here?” asked Liana.

    “Don’t worry about it. If you knew who it was, you would be so pissed off.” said Luke.

    “Did Rudy just jump off?” asked Liana as she watched Luke drop his head.

    “He is trying to save two people that are inside an armored car, and surrounded. Rudy is trying to save people that he sees as family like you and me. Unlike other people, Rudy saves others even though sometimes he doesn’t know the person.” said Luke.

    “Who are they?” asked Liana.
    “Ali, and Michaela. Rudy will put his body through pure hell for Michaela because of his feelings.” said Luke.

    “Why did he need the missile launcher?” asked Liana.

    “He needed it for a distraction that he will create for an opening to get to the girls.” said Luke as he put his hand over his ear again.

    “I’ll inform Josh, and Sarah. Watch out for my dumbass brother.” said Liana as she walked towards the staircase.
    “Don’t worry, I’ll cover him. You will have your brother back.” said Luke as he cocked his sniper.

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