When Hell Came

It was a nice sunny day in Tucson Az, when the world was attacked by zombies. Now a group of friends tries to survive through hell. Zombies, Vampire, Werewolves, and Hunters are the least of their problems.


3. Choices


    The next morning, Rudy awoke early before everyone else. He carefully climbed out of the bed, without waking Aurora and changed into a white muscle shirt and blue jeans. He heard the zombies banging on the glass outside. He walked over to where Luke was sleeping the night before, and noticed he wasn’t there. Rudy also noticed Lukes rifle wasn’t there either, so Rudy walked to the stairs that lead up to the roof. Once on the roof, he saw Luke shooting over the edge. Luke pulled the rifle back to reload, and Rudy saw a silencer attached to the tip of the rifle.

    “Luke, you couldn’t sleep?” asked Rudy.

    “No, I heard the zombies trying to back in, and I decided to come up here for some target practice.” said Luke.

    “So, do you think we can get out of here?” asked Rudy as he walked to the edge.

    “Only if we have a distraction, and it must be loud.” said Luke.

    “What about you? Do you know where to go?” asked Rudy.

    “Los Angeles right? I’ll be on the freeway; its the fastest and safest way to get there. What the hell are you going to do?” asked Luke.

    “Well first I will need some cover to move the hummer, and the bike into garage, then after that I’m going to make a lot of noise to give you a safe trip out.” said Rudy.

    “Are you insane?!” yelled a voice from behind them.


    Both Rudy and Luke turned to see Liana in one of her pissed off moods. Her eyes were stationed on Rudy, and they never moved.

    “I’m not insane, but it has to be done, or else we can’t leave.” said Rudy.

    “Then we will stay here.” said Liana.

    “Those doors won’t hold forever, and the store can’t be used any more. We need to get out of here.” said Rudy as he clipped his pants to the rope.

    “You are so reckless! Dumbass, you're suppose to be the leader, so you can’t be doing these stunts to make yourself look cool. Why do you even risk yourself? You need to not be such a reckless jackass or else you're going to get us all killed!” yelled Liana as she walked up to Rudy and slapped him as hard as she could.

    “You know everything I do is not to make myself look cooler or better. I do whatever I can to save you, and the others. Sometimes it looks like I am reckless, but I sometimes have a plan. For example when I got you away from Antonio, I had a plan. Or how about that event where you almost died from that man with the gun. I jumped into the way taking those three bullets. None of those bullets touched you, only my blood that dripped out of my chest touched you. Now that time, I was being reckless.” said Rudy.
    “Damn it Jesus Gutierrez! Why push yourself for others?” asked Liana as she walked up next to Luke.

    “Because I have a promise to keep, and it has to be done.” said Rudy as he jumped off the edge.


    Liana stood where she was staring at the empty place where Rudy was standing as Luke walked up to the edge, and started to cover Rudy as he got the the hummer. Tears started to form in her eyes, but wouldn't let them fall.

    Rudy’s words replayed in her mind. She remembered the day of the gunman like it was yesterday, but only a few people knew why Rudy spent several months in the hospital. The story was kept silence from anyone, because the school didn’t know Rudy was going to jump in the way of a gun just to save a girl. Liana remembered that every time Rudy would lift his shirt up, the bullet wounds were still visible to the naked eye. She walked up to the edge, and watched as Rudy got to the bike and moved it next to the hummer in the garage. Luke looked at the Liana, then turned to the stairs.

    Inside the store, Rudy woke everyone up, but when he walked up to the bed, Aurora was in; she was sitting on the bed. She had a look of terror on her face. Rudy walked up to her, and kneeled down to his knees.

    “Hey, what's wrong?” asked Rudy as he cupped her chin with his hands.

    “I had a terrible dream, almost like it was real. When I awoke, you were gone. I thought you would have died or left us to fend for yourself.” said Aurora as she started to cry more.

    “Why would I do that? I will never leave you. You are everything to me, and i don’t ever want to lose you. I love you, and if I have to go through tens of millions of zombies just to get to you, and stand by your side then all I have to say is bring it on.” said Rudy as he wiped the tears running down her face away.

    “That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I love you too.” said Aurora as she kissed Rudy.


    The kiss was a long passionate kiss that both Aurora, and Rudy poured their feelings, and love into it. As the kiss broke apart, Rudy noticed that everyone was standing around them, even Liana who was in Josh’s arms. Luke spoke up for all of them.

    “Rudy, we all wanted to know about the event with the gunman, and the three bullet wounds on your back. Please tell us that story.” said Luke.

    “Okay. The day a man came into the school, and started to shoot everyone. I was trying to get people out a safe way around the gunman that constituted with the alley. Liana ran the other way, and ran straight into the man. When I ran to get her back, she was cornered by the man. I did my best to overpower him, but he knocked me down. As he pointed his gun towards her, my body moved on its own, jumping to in the way, grabbing Liana tightly as the man pulled the trigger three times. My back was exposed to the gun, and the bullets slammed into my body, All I could feel was a stabbing pain in my back, and when I looked at Liana’s expression; she slapped me for jumping into the way of the gun. I stood up as blood flowed down my back to the floor. I turned to face the gunman, and took him on. I was able to take him down, but blacked out.” said Rudy.

    “He was taken to the hospital, and under heavy guard for six months. No one came to visit him, and the school did that so none of the parents would find out it. When six months were up, Rudy didn’t want to stay home and rest. Once he walked into the school, silence came from everyone as all conversations stopped. Silence went through the whole school, as they watched Rudy walk to the stairs.” said Liana.

    “No one spoke to me for three months, but when we had that last whole school meeting, Jeff told me to stand up, and again there was silence through the room. Jeff said what happened the day that the gunman came, what I did, and why I was in the hospital for a long time. As he was done talking, he turned behind to grab a folder that the habits were in, and held it up. He said that someone had done all but one habit in this event. All of a sudden everyone cheered and clapped for me.” said Rudy.

    “All but one person clapped, and cheered for him. Antonio stood up, and walked to the middle. When Rudy saw him, he didn’t break eye contact, but when I looked up; I saw Antonio draw a gun. I got up to run for him, but Antonio had fired one shot that hit directly in Rudy’s knee, causing him to fall on the stage. I ran to Rudy, as Antonio was tackled to the ground. Blood started to flow, sink through the wood as tears dropped from my eyes. The room became silent as Rudy screamed in pain holding his knee. We rushed Rudy back to the hospital, and the doctors said that he may never walk again. The bullet pierced the kneecap, and he lost too much blood in his left leg.” said Liana.

    “But if he couldn’t walk, then how do you walk now?” asked Josh.

    “Well before they said I would never walk again, I got up off my bed, and stood up. As the doctors yelled at me to lay down. I made my way fighting through the pain; walking with a limp to the waiting room.” said Rudy as he scrunched up his pant leg.

    “Out of no where that sorry son of a bitch came walking up to me and Jeff. Doctors were chasing after him as he walked up. Jeff got up to him, and told him that the school thinks of Rudy as a hero, with people wondering how you are doing.” said Liana.

    “I might have been stupid to get up and walk, but at least I didn’t give up. I wouldn’t give up because of my past. That scar on my knee is what I got because I wouldn’t listen to the doctors. You could say I didn’t want to live in my past.” said Rudy as he wiped tears from his eyes.

    “Rudy, you said your past. What was your past like?” asked Aurora.

    “Ah well my past is filled with terrible events, but I’ll tell you. When I was younger, my father abused me. Picking me up by my neck and throwing me around like a fucking baseball. My mother couldn’t do anything, and I was always giving up. My dad left, and I never saw him again.” said Rudy.

    “Are you serious? Why wouldn’t you call the police?” asked Liana.

    “Because I was stupid and it never came to my mind.” said Rudy as he got to his feet.

    “That’s why you don’t give up now?” asked Josh.

    “Yes, I don’t want to lose my family. You can call me a dumbass or a jackass or a crazy mother fucker, but I know it’s what I come off as. I have to do a crazy move, but it is our only way to get out of here safety. Luke when I’m leading them away, you must stay on the freeway.”said Rudy as he picked up his bow.

    “What is he planning to do?” asked Aurora.

    “There are too many walkers to get out of here. He’s going to ride out with the radio blasted, on the bike to draw them away. Honestly I would do it, but Rudy knows the bike, and is the fastest one to ride it.” said Luke.

    “Who else is going with Rudy?” asked Aurora.

    “Just me, unless one of you wants to come. I will say though, we will be moving at a fast speed, and it might take two days to catch with the others.” said Rudy/

    “So where are we meeting up?” asked Sarah.

    “We will meet up where we camped for the L.A trip. That will be base camp. We can swim, eat and sleep in peace.” said Rudy.

    “I think I’ll go with him.” said Liana.

    “Are you sure? Tagging with the craziest reckless jackass, you hate so much.” said Rudy.

    “Lets just go. We need to get out of here.” said Liana as she walked off as everyone looked at Liana then back to Rudy who was walking towards the guns.

    “Rudy, you’ll need something bigger, and powerful than a handgun. Here is an AK-37, and a shotgun.” said Josh as he handed them over.

    “What about you? Here use this one.” said Rudy as he handed over a rifle.

    “This is a barret .50 cal sniper rifle. Thanks.” said Josh.

    “Time to go. Move everything into the hummer. The sooner we do this, the sooner I can be in the water.” said Liana.


    Rudy looked at Aurora, and pulled her close. He bent his head down, and kissed her. Passion poured into the kiss, but when it broke apart, Rudy saw tears running down her face.

    “Hey, what are the tears for? I’m not going to die, I’m going to come back, and I will have another kiss with you.” said Rudy.

    “You better come back, and in one piece. We can go back to the ocean, and have a kiss under the moon light. I love you, and you be careful.” said Aurora.

    “I’ll come back for that kiss, and we will be safe. I’ll make sure we’re all safe, and I’ll gladly die for that. Until then you will be the only thing on my mind as always. I love you, and to let you know that I’m still alive, I’ll send a flare up.” said Rudy as he cupped her head with the hands.

    “I love you too.” said Aurora as she closed her eyes.


    Rudy slowly pressed his rough lips to her soft lips for a long kiss, because it might take a while to get another amazing kiss, so they put everything they got into the kiss. When they broke apart, they stared into each others eyes. Rudy held her tightly before walking to the bags, packing them up; throwing them on his right shoulder and holding Aurora’s hand while they walked to the garage.    Josh, and Liana were already packing their stuff into the hummer, and already engaged in their own conversations.

“Why did you volunteer for the trip? I know you don’t want to be with him.” said Josh.

    “I don’t know, I mean it was just an idea. We’re not going to do anything.” said Liana.

    “I’m worried about you and him; I’m worried about you doing something too. I don’t know if you will kill him. Please don’t kill him. I can see that you have been wanting to do something since he jumped off the roof.” said Josh.

    “I’m not going to do anything to him. I know if I do, people will hate me.” said Liana.

    “You know that Rudy meas what he says. He has done so many things that are stupid and crazy that could have killed him. He is a good crazy ass risk taking leader, but none of us has died.” said Josh.

    “I know, but that’s not why I hate him. I hate him because he should have let me die. I have a debt to repay, that I can not. When he saved me. one debt became larger, because I was dating him at the time.” said Liana.

    “Than don’t repay him. He did that because of his promise to us. It was a choice.” said Josh as he grabbed her waist.

    “It was my choice to run the other way. His three back wounds are because of me.” said Liana.

    “He could have tackled the guy, but he chose to jump in front of the gun. It’s not your fault that he spent about seven months is the hospital. He could have done more, and the fourth bullet was your boyfriend who hated him since the first time you started dating him. Antonio pulled the gun, and shot him. That wasn’t your fault either.” said Josh as he leaned in, and kissed Liana.

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