This is about a girl has no friends. She is very lonely and nobody likes her. She loves art and music, that's how she expresses herself. She often locks herself in her room and blares out music while painting pictures. Soon she meets a girl who's in her class. They become friends. Soon they hang out all the time and become best friends. Find out what else happens with their friendship!


1. 4-28

Dear Diary,

Today was like all the rest. I went to school, everyone shunned me, I came home my mom asked if I was ok, I came to my room and painted a picture of an angel. But today, something different happened, as I was walking to the bathroom, someone knocked on the door, I answered it and saw Kyley, a girl who goes to my school, she lives down the road from me and she wanted to know if we had any homework. I told her no and she hesitated before walking away. Something peculiar is going on with her but oh well.



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