The Loop

A long-lost device one day resurfaces, leading to huge revelations of a murky past. When Benjamin, a troubled teenager, gets a sudden attack of amnesia, he wakes up inside the machine, the so called 'SUBMACHINE'. The 'SUBMACHINE' is an evil contraption, set to trap the people who enters forever. However, Benjamin has a special gift. Will Benjamin escape the 'SUBMACHINE', or will he lose the battle against the evil contraption? The Loop is a science-fiction story about an evil device created by a madman. The 'SUBMACHINE' will force you to solve puzzles, but every time you solve one, you delve deeper into the 'SUBMACHINE'.


1. Epilogue

The note said "READ ME" with big, ugly handwritten letters on the top.

"Here goes," Benjamin said.

"Have you noticed that with each puzzle solved, you move deeper below ground? That doesn't look like a good escape plan. The machine itself is a giant trap. In order to escape it, you must stop solving puzzles or you'll just remain perpetually in that loop. The loops is timeless, spaceless, without beginning or end. It's the worst place you could have found yourself after teleporting from the lighthouse. Here's what I want you to do. Don't open the passage-machine in room (0,0). Instead, look for a green leaf and bring it to the statue in room (-12,9). This should disconnect you from the loop, in which case you should arrive at the Lab, or somewhere nearby. Good luck!"

The note signed off with a scribbled "Mur". 

"What the hell have I done?" Benjamin asked himself as he realized what he'd just done. 

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