My Cancer Story

Well, this is my story about cancer. A true story!


7. Right Lung Collapse

On Tuesday 5/6/14 they took out Pascal the PICC line, because there was a nasty rash. Now it's decreased, but it's still icky.

I'm decided to start a different type of chemo, and they wanted a baseline PET scan (to see if the rumors would shrink after chemo). During this PET, they found a lung collapse on my right lung. 😑 The collapse was quite small, too small for a chest tube. So they put me in the hospital to watch overnight. This happened yesterday (5/7/14).

I'm writing this on my phone from my hospital bed on 5/8/14. Hopefully I'll go home later today. I'll start the new chemo next week. So this is what has happened up until now.

- aknk2000 🐰

Update: 5/8/14 I'm home from the hospital! They thought that my lung is stable, so collapse will either heal itself or collapse even more.

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