My Cancer Story

Well, this is my story about cancer. A true story!


6. Left Lung Collapse and Chemo: Extreme Nausea Addition

Since cancer kept popping up, I wanted to do chemo again. So I went to the hospital for a PET scan, and they found that I had a collapsed lung! I was feeling and breathing fine, so this was a surprise!

So they put in a chest tube, and they admitted me to the hospital. While they putting in the chest tube, they also put in a PICC line, a kind of long-term IV. I named it Pascal, after the greatest Disney character EVER!

The chest tube was taken out maybe 4 or 5 days after it was put in. It felt very weird coming out, kind of like a worm wiggling (sorry I'm being disgusting here). 😁

On the morning of the day I could leave I started to have, well, ummm, diarrhea. 😑 Then for about a week after I left I had diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pains.

Thankfully, I'm not on that type of chemo anymore.

Haha, forgot to write this in, but about a week after I left the hospital, I started radiation for about three weeks. There's a tumor in my thigh that really hurt, and radiation helped the pain and probably shrunk it a little too. Now my leg doesn't hurt when I walk!

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