My Cancer Story

Well, this is my story about cancer. A true story!


1. How It All Started

   It was a nice day. My sister and I were playing in my Mom's friend's pool with her niece. My Mom's friend said to my Mom "What's that on Abby's shoulder?" My Mom replied that it was just the way I was standing. Later, she asked again, and my Mom came over. And there was a huge bump on my shoulder!

   So we went straight to the doctor's office. They said we should meet with a surgeon. A few days later we did, at a branch of the Children's Hospital (North of the city which I shall not name in case of crazy stalkers). They wanted to give me an MRI. So at North they tried to, but I couldn't. I'm claustrophobic and have sensitive ears, so I'd need to be sedated. But for some reason, they can't do sedation at North (maybe because it's a very small hospital?) So we went to Children's in the city for an MRI.

  To find out what this bump really was though, they needed to test part of it. So I had a biopsy. :P

   A couple days later they told my parents, who told me and my sister. The bump was cancer.


So did you like the first chapter? Was it confusing? Feedback would be nice. :)

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