My Cancer Story

Well, this is my story about cancer. A true story!


3. Chemo and Radiation

After they put the port in me, we went up to the sixth floor of the hospital. That floor has a few wings for cancer patients. The only thing I remember is that I was hungry, so I had orange jello and goldfish. (I remember random pieces of chemo). After four days I went home.

At that time I still had hair, but it was falling out. I wanted to keep in my hair as long as possible, but then I gave up. You know when you pull your hair? It hurts right? Well, that's what happened but on my whole head. It became too painful and messy, and we shaved it off.

I had chemo every three weeks. In the late summer/early fall, I started radiation. Radiation is literally a beam of radiation zapping the tumor. I had a high dose of radiation, so I got a nasty burn on my shoulder and neck area. 😛

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