~wrote this at school LOL~

I am the crisis. You will see me.


1. intro


I am the crisis. No matter who you are, I'll destroy a life. From a small child choking to an ok person falling. I am there. You don't know me personally but it might not be today or tomorrow but sometime in your life you'll meet the real crisis. That car crash yesterday? Where people were taken away? It was me. That old man who lies there suffering? He dudes. That was me.

From earthquakes to tornadoes, tsunamis to flooding's. It will be me, always, a disaster- maybe? A crisis- YES! You shall meet me but I cause so much agony to anyone and everyone, so much pain. But I don't care. A life without me would be different, you should thank me. Seriously!

You don't know my wish for danger or my hunger for catastrophe. I'm not THAT bad from what I do, mostly you learn from my appearances, even though you broken inside; with your shattered heart.

Take Ronan for instance, him and his friend were coming back from the party,

"That was amazing!" Ronan spoke with his thick Barnsley accent.

"I know! But we could have taken the busy route... We might crash!" Jake, his friend, was scared and so he should be, I was near by.

"No! We will not jake so shut up!" Ronan spoke confidently but a flash of fear was in his eyes. Well, they could have took the busy route like Jake said because... Let's just say... They NEVER saw the next morning.

It was no coincidence, oh no, no, you got it wrong! It was meant to happen... One second... YES! THATS IT!! Oh sorry, I'm watching a young person cross a busy road. OOPPSS! There goes their life.

There's always Millie Cassidy, the 'popular' girl. She has EVERYTHING! The cloths, money everything! She thinks she's the bees-knees. I might have something to do with death but she encountered ME! She was hit by a moving touch meant for someone else. I am the crisis.

That person, what's his name?... Erm... JOSH! That's it! He is different... In a weird sort of way. I don't want to hurt him. WAIT! I'm 'the' crisis! I HAVE to hurt people, don't I? He is 7 years old and he already has a though life. No dad, has autism and he gets bullied. He needs protecting but his mum's not very good at it. I've been there on numerous occasions and helped pull him through.

I can protect.

I can help.

Josh Manner died yesterday, he was suffering! He prayed and prayed to god, to stop this suffering. I had to. I just had to. He would have been amazing. The only person I... Well... Loved! He vulnerable, insecure and... Young! He had a very small funeral, of say, 4 people. 5 including me.

He was so innocent. I felt awful when I did what I did. Basically, I pulled his life support plug. He was so unhappy but when I pulled the plug, I swear on my life, he smiled. A big smile. Then he was gone....

I am the crisis.


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