FlatLine-A Twilight FanFic

Damien Varkii is a strange girl, very strange. She's a vamp-shifter hybrid. This shouldn't be possible...


1. Chapter One

I'm falling. I scream, laughing. "So, Dame, I thought you didn't like skydiving."

"I didn't." At the moment, my adoptive sister, Dreyla, and I are skydiving. The pilot was a little freaked when we wanted to go higher than most people do. He freaked out even more when I said I didn't want a parachute.

You see, I'm not a normal girl. I, Damien Varkii, am a vampire/shapeshifter hybrid. My father was a vampire, but my mother was a shapeshifter. She had the rare ability to change into any animal. We get closer to the ground and my sister and I both move. She pulls her cord, while I morph. I turn into a bird.

To be more precise, a peregrine falcon. I corkscrew down, only to flip back up when I'm about to go splat.

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