I love you so dont leave me.

He was the new kid!!! Hi me name is Estrea Luz Mercado it means starlight. I love him but can't tell him and I don't know what to do anymore.!!!


7. werewolves and vampires.

Me being the queen of both kinds of beings puts me in a difficult position I mean I get along with both sides pretty well and I love both sides equally. I'm the first hybrid in the world my parents both fell I. Love my mom being the werewolf and my dad being the vampire classic love and hate. Yes they had to fight for their love being king and queen of different species but sadly after I was born they never won the battle mom died giving birth to me dad killed himself shortly after and left me with my aunt Lucy and her best friend scooter. Scooter has always been there for me so he's more like my father I guess you could say. But anyway after my parents passed I became ruler of both clans I turned scooter in to a wolf and Lucy into a vampire and they are still really close.

*back to the point*

I fell in love sand I need him. I can't live with out him Justin he's the one!!!

"Ummmm well Justin I will help you around the building seeing we have all the same classes so what's your locker number?!"

"Mines 617"

"oh ok cook mines 619 haha only two lockers away and she's 618 so it will be us three then okay lets go."

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