I love you so dont leave me.

He was the new kid!!! Hi me name is Estrea Luz Mercado it means starlight. I love him but can't tell him and I don't know what to do anymore.!!!


5. meeting her.

**justins pov*****

I was walking when I noticed one girl look in at me. So I went over there to see if they knew the starlight chick.

Uhhh hi my names Justin I said trying to act like a normal person

Hi I'm Katie said the girl that was looking at me before.

Just as she introduced herself the girl that was with her turned around to introduce herself. She was drop dead gorgeous omg she was the more beautiful person I have ever met. But we can't be I have a huge deep dark secret you see all the people with fame are different we are either werewolves or vampires and in a really really really really really really really rare cases hybrids and those are like our kind of royalty.

Hi my name is starlight. She say with a confident smile look oh god those lips and those buetiful eyes those mystery eyes are to die for.

I wanna mark her but I know I can't ugh why why why she's my..............love at first sight.

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