The Highland Mile

A group of teenagers soon find themselves in a whole mess of trouble as they decide on a traitorous hike to the highlands in search of self importance and adventure.


1. The beginning

Opportunity strikes

With any story the plot soon draws or drives people away by it's selective allure. Not this one. This story will change your way of life as a whole but it won't do this nicely. For this story is staged around twelve unique teenagers who will come to blossom at the end of a life changing adventure. Each will play their own role to what will come to pass as "The Highland Mile"


But let's not forget where all of this takes place as our inquisitive minds are persistently trying to find the answer. Let me relieve your minds of their sufferings. The Fields of Southampton, oh the fields, its own peaceful surroundings are enough to ease the most troubled minds of the present day. This was true as our protagonist lays on the flat grassy ground of his home village. Quinn Blood, The boy who's life was normal and (at times) stressful. But this was never the case as on this peaceful and tranquil day, Quinn would know the meaning of fate.

"Wake up Toad! Yelled Drake The older but commanding brother. Quinn tried his best to pretend he did not hear his older brother who's loud voice shocked him from his sleep. However this was to no avail as his older brother was not so easily fooled. In response, Drake threw a bucket of cold water on top of his weaker brother's head. Quinn was up in seconds, face as red as the setting sun and temper rattled as a bird who's cage has been teased by a stick from unvarying hands.

"W-w-why did you do that! Shouted Quinn while at the same time shivering from the cold water. "Because you was asleep" Drake replied with a smirk. Quinn pushed his laughing brother away in a annoyed fashion, even though his brother only moved a foot away. Quinn stood there annoyed and damp while his brother rummaged through his bag thus beholding a pearl white towel. 

"Here you go Toad" Drake said throwing Quinn the Towel. Quinn caught the towel and started drying himself. "You finished yet sir-damp-a- lot? Drake asked sarcastically. "Yes! Quinn shot back grumpily. "Then come on toad, "mom will pop a membrane if we are not back before eight" Drake said jokingly while playfully pushing Quinn in the direction of home. 


That was the one thing Quinn hated most in his life was he's nickname Toad. The bad side of a bet. When he was nine his brother bet him that he could not beat him in a race through the woods. Quinn took the bet and ran as fast as he could. He was leading the race in till he slipped on a slimy little creature. But that was not the worst part.

The worst part was that as he fell he made a weird sound before becoming unconscious. upon him waking up he made the exact same sound as a frog and kept this ability to this day. Drake after laughing himself to a stomach ache quickly created a rumor the next day that when Quinn fell he almost ate the frog before spitting it back up. The rumor didn't take long to gather momentum as the entire school teased him with Ribbits  and croaks.


As the sun was going down in the spring air, the shadows of the woods came out to play. Red lights stabbed through the trees like a imaginary sword through black steel. The walk path barely visibly to the naked eye. Quinn was always cautious of the dark, he never liked being in the dark.(no pun intended) Drake on the other hand took no notice of the dark. He could find his way out of any dark place and not bump into anything while doing so.


Quinn was becoming bored and had to do something to pass the time. So the only thing he knew how was to ask the same question to Drake every time they walked back from the field (to Drakes irritation). "How's Billie? Quinn Asked trying to spot his brother's face from the dark

"Not this again" Drake responded defensively

"Oh come on why is it such a secret?

"It's not, i just prefer not to tell you.

"But why though?

"Because your a kid.

"So are you.

"There's a big difference in my age and yours. One you don't have as much responsibility as i do and two you have no concept of reality outside of your own little world.

"But that still isn't a reason to not tell me who this Billie is?

"Billie is a girl let's leave it at that.

"A gir-

Quinn trip on something hard and fell with a thump. Before he knew what had happened he could hear Drake running over to him.Drake stop and crouched down to see if he could spot any bruise's or cuts. Much to Quinn's constant moving, Drake could see no signs of injury. "You alright Quinn? Drake whispered. "Yea i'm fine just got a few grazes Quinn replied through gasps of pain.

Drake positioned his brother near a tree so he could see him and went over to where Quinn tripped. Drake gone over the area multiple times to make sure that it was not a creature but what he didn't expect to find was a black rectangle shape object sticking out from the bushes.

"Quinn get over here" Drake whispered in urgency.

Quinn heard this and didn't take much time getting over to where Drake was crouched."What is it? Quinn asked curiously

"Lets find out" Drake said with a mix of curiosity and anxiety. As slowly as possible he pulled the black object out of the bushes. Both the boys faces froze when the sight that greeted them was a decomposed hand still attached to a even more worst sight of a decomposed body. But to add to this dreaded sight that the hand was gripped onto the handle of a black brief case.

Drake (who's curiosity was un-fazed by the hand) quickly pried  the hand off the handle of the brief case and unlocked it. Both boys took a deep breath and quickly threw the lid open. Both faces were in awe and in disbelieve as the sight that greeted them was a sight most people would have wanted to see in their lifetimes. A brief case filled to the brim with hundred pound notes.                           






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