He saved me

Well when two people fall in love they do but when someone takes it away it's very sad so please read this book and find out how love is forever


1. let's go have fun

Jill's pov

I just got done at dance and I really need to take a shower. So when I get to my apartment I go right into the bathroom and take a shower. When I'm done I look at my phone and I have like 5 missed calls and a couple text messages from my cousin Zayn he what's to know if me and my friends want to go meet up with his friends so I reply back and say''ok I will. Where do u want to meet up at or go'' he right aways says '' the bar near my house called Joes goes'' I say just ''kk c u soon at about 9?'' Then he said '' ok c u then''

So I text all my 3 best friends and they all agree to come so we all just meet up at the bar and wait for the boys to get here. Once I see Zayns car come up I run outside and give Zayn a big hug because I haven't seen him in like 6 months because of tour. So I finally let go of Zayn and I see my friends around me and Zayns friends be hide us so me and Zayn inter dose everyone and we all go inside and I see my friends abbey, nikki, and Sophie talking to Harry, Niall, and Louis. So it was just me Liam and Zayn. We talked about funny stuff I mean we were all drunk but I think Liam isn't because he seems really with it. So later that night went on the more I liked Liam I mean he was really hot and sexy and such a man he acted so grown up and I liked it. Well Zayn went home and Harry and Sophie went somewhere and nikki and Louis went to Nikki's apartment to do stuff and Niall and abbey were just having sex on the pool table. Me and Liam talked all night long then we decided that we should go get some sleep because we were going to have a really big hangover tomorrow. So liam drives and when we get to his place.......

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