Twisted Minds

“We are here to trial, Selestra Sullivan, for the first degree murder of Shelia McGinnis and Zeke King, her step mother and a fellow classmate.”

Selestra Sullivan’s life is dictated by her mother’s actions. She has no friends, no empathy, and no remorse. Then she meets a boy called Zeke King; he lavishes her with attention and love and stirs an emotion deep inside her. What happens when a girl with no emotions feels something? What happens when she experiences the ultimate betrayal?

Vivian Campbell is a beautiful young woman at the height of society. She has a beautiful estate, friends, a loving family. What happens when suddenly she is wrenched from the life she knows? What happens when she is thrown into the notorious 201 Angel Road, where she undergoes the most inhumane treatment?

Two women. Mother and daughter. On their own journey attempting to resolve the wrongs in their life. Just their way isn't conventional. Twisted intentions. Twisted Minds.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

July 18th 1982


It was a dreary day. Windy. Cold. Thunder. Lighting.


Dad and I were visiting her.


The rain was thundering down. I stood in the midst of it. I didn’t have an umbrella. I didn’t want one. Dad offered plenty of times, but I refused. Maybe it was to hide the fact that I had no tears to shed. No emotion for her whilst Dad was like an waterfall, tears streaking down his face and mixing with rain drops.


The thunder boomed. And the lightning repeatedly flashing through the sky. Lighting it up. Allowing me to see the words etched into the stone. ‘Vivian Campbell. August 16th 1945– July 30th 1964.’ That’s all it said. No emotion attached. She didn’t deserve it.


I didn’t know her story. I don’t know what went through her mind in her final days. Thoughts that made her do what she did.


Dad keeps crying, his eyes swollen, whilst I have not a single tear to shed. I’m not sorry. I never lost her. She’s been gone for years. She died on my birthday, on the day I was born.


Dad slowly walked back to his car, leaving me standing in the pouring rain. I stood there. She didn’t deserve anything from me. She let me tied to my past. Tied to her actions. Shackled.


I don’t know why I still here. I’m drenched with water, the rain is still pouring. “Hello mother,” I say quietly, “I guess you’re sneering at me from where ever you are. Laughing at me. I’m not sad you’re gone, no one is. It’s all your fault. You’re actions lead to this. You’re the reason why I’m treated the way I’m treated. I’m just here to let you know I’ll change that. I’ll stand up for myself, unlike you. You secluded yourself.  Left the people you tried to help you. I’m not going to do that. I will stand up for myself.”


I turn and walk a couple of steps toward my father, who is waiting for me. I take on last look at Vivian’s gravestone. “I’m going to find my happily ever after. You’ll see.” With those last words I leave, planning on never returning.

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