This is a story about maggie. Maggie conn. Who falls in love with her BFF, Jacob Bailey. But what happens when Jacob ends the friendship bc he thinks he's to cool for maggie? Will maggie go crazy? Read to find out.


5. chapter 4

*~later that day~*

Right now I was laying in my bed thinking, 'did Jacob ever like me? Or was he using me? But for what?' IM SO CONFUSED!! He just makes me want to punch a wall. The more I think about what he says the more I believe it. He never lied to when we were friends. Why would he lie to me now? I THINK WAY TO FUCKING MUCH! I'm hungry... OFF TOPIC MAGGIE! OH WELL. I walked down the hall and into the kitchen. DAMN. THERES NOTHING IN THE FRIDGE!! Well there is I just don't like the stuff. I looked in the pantry thingy and got a bag of doritoes. BECAUSE DORITOES ARE AWESOMER THAN YIU! I then went into the living room where the news was on. "The total number if people died from suicidal today is about 130 people. Why do people kill there selfs? I mean.. I knows there's drama in life. But this? Some people even do this for fun," I turned the tv off before I could hear anymore. *ding dong* went the front door. I rushed to it and saw Jacob Bailey with fucking boxes in his hand. His face dropped. What the hell? "maggie. Wtf are you doing here?!" He whisper/yelled. I pointed to myself, "me? JACOB THIS IS MY HOUSE. WHAT ARE U DOING HERE?!" A woman came up to the door looking a whole lot like Jacob. With some more boxes in her hands. Dad came up behind me. "Maggie, I would like u to meet my soon-to-be-wife and her son, Jacob," my dad informed me. WELL THANKS FOR TELLING ME SO EARLY!! "Hello maggie. My name is Emily. I hope you don't mind us moving in. And if u don't mind, you can call me Mom! OH MY FUCK. THIS IS GOING TO BE SO AWESOME!! I GET TO HAVE A DAUGHTER!!" This woman is fucking mental. Jacob was smirking at me. BITCH PLEASE! "Maggie please show Jacob to the spare bedroom," my dad told me. "We don't have one..?" I said confused. "Mills's bedroom. Your sisters moved out with your mom," with that I grabbed Jacob by the writs and showed him Mills's room, then went downstairs. My 'mom' and dad were talking about there honeymoon. EWW. Gross. I went to where they were and grabbed my 'moms' hand and led her to the living room. "Okay well if your gonna live here you have to accomplish one task! Were gonna play just dance and u have to at least get over 1,500. My high score is 7,890. Nobody has ever been able to beat that. Are u ready?" I asked her smirking. He smirked back then nodded in agreement. We were dancing to 'wanna be'. "YEA!" "IM BEATING YOU!!" "YOUR LOOSING!" "STOP RECORDING US!!" "OMF UR SO BAD AT THIS!" Was all that came out of our mouths. Jacob was recording us the whole time. But I didn't tell him to stop because then I would mess my groove up. Anyway, 'mom' scored a 2,056. "Welcome to the family!" I greeted her. She laughed and went to do something with my dad. "HEY MAGGIE. WERE GONNA GO OUTTA TOWN FOR THREE DAYS. YOU WILL BE HERE WITH JACOB. LOVE YOU!" My dad yelled with a slam to the door. I looked over at Jacob and he was smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and plopped down on the couch. I could feel him looking me up and down.

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