This is a story about maggie. Maggie conn. Who falls in love with her BFF, Jacob Bailey. But what happens when Jacob ends the friendship bc he thinks he's to cool for maggie? Will maggie go crazy? Read to find out.


4. chapter 3

"MAGGIE. GET UR ASS OUTTA BED!!" My dad yelled over my door. UGHH SCHOOL. LIKE NO. WORK. EWW. I got up and took a quick shower, Then got dressed in a crop top that says, 'to school for cool'. And blacked ripped skinny jeans with my black hightops. I ran downstairs and ate pancakes. PANCAKES ARE GOOD! Crap. I ate all of them. I ran outside and got into my dad's truck because I obviously don't have a car.. I failed my drivers test.. My dad and sisters finally decided to get into the truck. "TURN ON THE RADIO!!" My sister, mollie, yelled. I turned it on because I'm NOT getting slapped. 'Talk dirty' was on. Well ya know.. "GET JAZZY ON IT. IM THAT FLIGHT THAT YOU GETTA ON. INTERNATIONAL. FIRST CLASS SEAT ON MY LAP GURL. RIDIN COMFORTABLE." We all yelled to the beat. Well.. Kinda.. We finally arrived at my stop and I jumped outta the truck. I spotted Jacob over by the water fountain, so I ran over to him. "HEY JA-" "MAGGIE SHUDDUP. I DONT WANT A FUCKING PIG BESIDE ME. LOOK HOW FAT YOU ARE. UR LIKE.. FATTER THAN ROB. GET OUTTA MY FACE SLUT!" jacob yelled at me. Okay, at first I thought he was joking but uh.. He ain't. Tears brimmed my eyes but I blinked them back and ran to history class.

Jacobs P.O.V.

Fuck. Why did I have to yell at her? Oh yea. That message from that blocked number..

Jacob, if u don't start bullying maggie, I will tell her you like her. Stop talking to her. And act like u hate her. Don't think I won't? Try me. I dare you. From- yo ex.

Okay. I had a lot of exes.. And all of them were evil. But this? This is plain stupid. So I just decided I wasn't going to talk to maggie anymore. I don't know what came over me... *BELL RINGS* I started running to class because I can't be late on the second day of school. History class. UGHH. HISTORY AND MAGGIE IN THE SAME ROOM. NOO. I reached the class and saw maggie sitting by Trey. I walked over to them. "Maggie. I'm sorry, but I thought sluts weren't aloud in this class," I said as I remembered mrs. Whatever has a strict rule about showing skin and hates sluts... "Jacob what the hell?" Trey asked because he knows me and maggie have been like this since fourth grade. I met Trey the same year. I pushed Maggie out of my seat and sat in it. Maggie laid on the floor picking her shit up trying not to cry. Uh.. Bitch much?! She went and sat by my Ex friend, conner. Conner farrar. She used to like him. And maybe still does. Idk.

*lunch time*

Maggie's POV.

You know what? I'm gonna get close to Trey so I can find out if he knows anything that is going on with Jacob. And I might start acting like a slut just to make Jacob mad. He is always over-protective of me. This is the last class until lunch. It was science. And I had it with Trey. YASS. I rushed to science class and sat down right beside Trey. The class started and blah blah blah. Until mr. What's his face, said to get with somebody and go over the page in our science book. I looked at Trey and he smiled in agreement. "Trey, I don't get this at all. Science sucks," I whined. He chuckled, "maggie. All u have to do is name the rocks on the sheet. Wait, do you even know what rocks are? I'm pretty sure you never go out of your room."OMF. HOW DOES HE KNOW I DONT GO OUT OF MY ROOM? "Trey, do you think you can tutor me? Your really good at science an I really suck at it. PLEASE. we even have that test Friday and I'm going to fail. And then I'm not going to graduate,"'I whined again in his ear. He chuckled and nooses his head in agreement. YAASSS. MY PLAN IS WORKING!! We- Trey- finished the sheet and it was finally time for lunch. Me and Trey got up and headed for the cafeteria. He already asked me to sit with him. Bc he my Bæ. Not really. But still. We went over to his table and Jacob was already there with all his buddies. "OOOH LOOK. MAGGIE THE COW IS BACK WITH TREY. SHE PROBABLY POSSESSED HIM!!" Jacob yelled causing the whole room to laugh. I looked at Trey and he looked down. Whatever. Trey sat down and I discovered there weren't anymore seats. I went over to Jacob and sat down in his lap. He probably is getting squished with my 'fatness'. "OOOHH. YES MAGGIE. LAP DANCE. WOO. GET IT!!" Jacob yelled. OMF. He thinks I'm gonna give him a lap dance. He is fucking hilarious. "FUCK YOU, BAILEY!" I yelled. Him would be the only one to answer with, "when? Where? I'll be there!" With a smirk crawling to his face then added, "MAGGIE STOP UR SQUISHING ME GET OFF. OMF UR HEAVEY. OHEMGEE. IT HURTS. GET OFF!" I got off of him then ran to the bathroom. No. I wasn't going to cry. I was going to wright. I wright when I'm mad. You know what I put? This.

Maggie is pretty.

Maggie is not worthless.

Maggie is amazing.

Maggie is not ugly.

Maggie is not fat,

And never will be.

Maggie is not fugly.

Maggie is smexy.

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