This is a story about maggie. Maggie conn. Who falls in love with her BFF, Jacob Bailey. But what happens when Jacob ends the friendship bc he thinks he's to cool for maggie? Will maggie go crazy? Read to find out.


3. chapter 2

Once I reached the office I saw Jacob already sitting in one of the chairs. I walked in and sat in a seat beside him. "What did u do?" I Blurted out kinda on accident, kinda not. He looked upset, "maggie, I kinda, got into a fight and, uh, blamed it on you." BITCH HELL NO!! I decided to stay 'calm', "who'd you get in a fight with?" "Uhh, trey and Connor" those were two of his friends. The principal finally got the nerve to walk in here and get us. We explained what happened and waited for like two more hours until we could leave. "Miss conn. Mr. Bailey. Y'all will have detention for the rest of the month starting today. Now please go off to lunch," principal Keith told us. We got up and headed for the cafeteria. We topped at the entrance and looked around for a good table. Some of Jacobs 'friends' were calling him over to his table. "Hey maggie? Look, you can't sit with us anymore. I'll see you around. Wait, maggie, please don't talk to me anymore," Jacob said and walked off to his 'friends'. It literally took me ten minutes to get up off the ground of the cafeteria, because I was in shock. Me and Jacob go back til like, fourth grade. Amber came up to me, with ahzoria following her. "Maggie. He didn't mean it. And.. Uh.. Somebody recorded y'all an put it on the schools website," amber said TRYING to comfort me. I just replied with whatever and decided I wasn't going to eat anymore.

*~end of the day~*

"Dad I'm fine. I just.. Er.. Uh.. Made a bad grade. Yea. I made I bad grade. I love you. Goodnight," I yelled to my dad as I walked up to my room and fell asleep.



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