This is a story about maggie. Maggie conn. Who falls in love with her BFF, Jacob Bailey. But what happens when Jacob ends the friendship bc he thinks he's to cool for maggie? Will maggie go crazy? Read to find out.


2. chapter 1

"MAGGIE. GET YOUR ASS OUTTA BED!!" My dad yelled on the other side of the door. I have to wake up to this EVERY morning. I then realized it's the first day of school. UGHH. School. I got up feeling happy that I took a shower last night, so I just threw clothes on.

-crop top that says 'nerd'

-black ripped skinny jeans

-blue converses

This is what I usually wear. "Maggie. Dad went to go get pancakes from McDonalds. And said if we aren't ready by the time he gets back. Were in trouble," my younger sister, mills, said approaching my door. I shooed her away so I can get ready. I brushed my hair and left it natural. Straight. I brushed my teeth fast then grabbed my bookbag and ran downstairs. "Yo bitches. Tell dad I walked to school because I don't want to be late!" I yelled after my sisters as I ran to school. It took me about two minutes to get there. Considering it's only a block away. Wen I approached I ran to my 'gang'. It included, amber, witch is probably the shortest person on earth, ahzoria, who moved here in third grade, B.J., also met him in third grade an he's a total bad-ass, then there's Jacob. Jacob Bailey. Literally the hottest guy in our grade. Almost everybody has a crush on him. I'm just glad we became friends in fourth grade. A lot happened that year... I also have a crush on him. Everybody at the school knows I do and they all tell Jacob. But for some reason, Jacob don't believe them. And I'm glad. I have other friends too, but there to white. I mean, I'm white too, but I'm not basic. "Yo maggie. Why'd you get here late. Your like never late," Jacob laughed in my ear, because of this one time in like sixth grade, I ran to the class room at 7:59 yelling, 'IM LATE IM LATE. IM SORRY MRS. SMITH IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!!' Thinking it was past nine o'clock. The whole class laughed at me. "Will u forget about that already," I shoved Jacob. He shoved me back when shorty (amber) yelled something like, "NO. AGHH. NOO. THE BIG KIDS. IM DEAD. THERE GONNA TROMPLE ME!!" Well, at least something like that. B.J. Walked over to me and whispered in my ear,"the leprechaun has scared me again." Referring to amber. The bell rang. "IM SORRY DICKS BUT IM NOT GONNA BE LATE ON MY FIRST DAY!!" Me am ahzoria laughed at the same time running to our classes. Mine was history. I lost her by the time I already ran into somebody. "Woahhh. I'm sorry. I just dont want to be late," I said not realizing I was talking to Katie. This girl that thinks she's my friend, when I 'secretly' hate her. I grabbed my things and ran to my history class. Once I got into the room, I knew this was going to be the worst year ever. It had Jacobs 'BFFS' in there. Trey and j'lynn. Ew. No. I went to the back row and got in the middle seat. The history Yeager walked in and blah blah blah.. I found myself dosing off. But woke up when the intercom came on. "EXCUSS ME. BUT I NEED JACOB BAILEY AND MAGGIE CONN TO COME TO OFFICE RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!" The whole class oohed at me. What have I already done, I asked myself.

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