No one knows it any more different than 17 year old Arabelle Williams. After living 16 years of abuse from her cruel father, she couldn't handle it anymore so she does what most teenagers would do - run away. After spending days and days full of loneliness, she meets a boy who happens to be a runaway as well. Ara tries hard to hide form her father and as times goes, the boy has changed because of her but that doesn't mean that he has changed Ara. No one can.


2. prologue



She told me to close my eyes,

I didn’t know why.

She told me to keep my smile,

And never cry.


He told me to starve to death,

Then hit me with a belt.

He encaged me in my own home,

Broken are all my bones.


His laughed cackled in the air,

This pain I couldn’t bear.

He held the gun up,

And pointed it to her gut.


She looked me in the eye once more,

Giving me the love she swore.

And with one last blink of an eye,

He pulled the trigger and then it was goodbye.

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