No one knows it any more different than 17 year old Arabelle Williams. After living 16 years of abuse from her cruel father, she couldn't handle it anymore so she does what most teenagers would do - run away. After spending days and days full of loneliness, she meets a boy who happens to be a runaway as well. Ara tries hard to hide form her father and as times goes, the boy has changed because of her but that doesn't mean that he has changed Ara. No one can.


1. author's note




Hello after a bagillion years. And yes, I bet you all are wondering, "OMG. What happened to Suicide??? Did Zen end it with only 2 chapters?? WHY??". Well I do blame myself for not updating at all but I also do blame on the fact that I literally have no time to write especially with all my school load, activities, sports, SAT and such. I'm in my junior year so I wouldn't blame the hectic schedules. To be completely honest, I haven't written a single thing for ages and it sucks because writing is my only solace. My only escape in life. Suicide is one of my favorite novels that I have written. It truly is. And although, I am perfectly aware that I have not even accomplished the entire novel, I'm sure that this story will be a success. The story of Arabelle Williams is something different yet something evident nowadays. I personally wrote this story because I experience some factors in Arabelle's life. I really love this story and I can't wait to tell you the whole thing, heck, I even have the final chapter on me. Nowadays, we see girls and yes, even boys, being abused in all kinds of ways and being one of them, I am greatly against that which is why I wrote this novel. But yeah, the thing is, I'm not promoting depression or suicide or self harm but I'm promoting motivation and strength, telling the hopeless out there that even the saddest stories can have a happy ending.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy the life of Arabelle Williams.

- I love all my suicidals -


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