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  • Published: 28 Apr 2014
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This is the most incredible vampire story you ever read!!


1. fantastic

        Berenice eyes were watching the sunset. Through the little dirty window she was observing the last red rays of the big sun. And soon it hided behind the horizon. Like the sun going down, the teenage girl was thinking that her life is already over. She felt like an orphan. Berenice never saw his father if ''father'' was a proper word for a man who raped a total strange woman. The fruit of that violence was Berenice. Her mother Loren hated her from the moment she was born. Berenice was unwanted and scorned. Loren gave her for adoption eighteen years ago. Luckily or not, no family wanted the girl, so now Berenice found herself in a boarding-house which was kept by nuns.

Actually the teenager was living there since she was eight years old. But the place was miserable. She was scared almost the whole time. Without reason, some of the nuns were cruel to her. Some even beat her with bludgeons. Berenice has a destiny to write for.

Very often Berenice felt nostalgic. Sometimes she was on the verge of hysteria or emotional disorder. She was very confused and desperate that she will never get rid of the nightmares in this boarding-house.

There were no other children around but her. She never attended school. Five years ago a young and good-hearted nun taught her to read and to calculate but she was moved to another place and without her, Berenice lost the hope to find another friend.

                                                          . . .

Today promised to be pleasant. Berenice expelled the bad thoughts from her mind. But it lasted short. After breakfast, two nuns dragged her to the main chapel to pray for everything. Nuns made her express her gratitude toward God for having roof under her head and food to eat. Every week, different nuns forced Berenice to ask for God's forgiveness in the most cruel possible way. They put single maize corns at one place and impelled the poor girl to kneel on them. If Berenice refuses to do it, a whooping with belt was the next punishment.

Every day, Berenice sees this place not as temple of God but more like the lair of Devil himself. The boarding-house was distant enough from the city for no one to try to help the girl.


After the ''prayer'' Berenice was thrown in her dusky little room. There she started thinking about her life. Why she has to suffer so much? Was she a bad person? Hose sins she has to redeem? She knows God and the stupid prayers will not help her feel better.

-The hell is here on Earth, not somewhere else!

Berenice reached that conclusion after spending 10 horrendous years in that damn spot.

The rest of the day, the teenage girl spend sleeping. Soon the night came. The moon was brighter than before and woke her up. She looked through the little dirty window and contemplated the stars. While watching. Berenice saw a shooting star and wished to have another, different life. She wanted this so much and wanted to find courage to fight for her salvation. Then, Berenice went to bed again. Till late in the next day.

                                                         . . .

During the sleep, the girl dreamed something strange-a voice, whispering''Don't worry. It's for good'' .The voice had no face. She didn't understand what it was telling her and most important why these words. In the morning she was about to find out all the answers.

After getting up, Berenice felt strange. She feels so energetic and stronger than previous. The explanation for that she found when she looked herself into the mirror. Her skin was lighter and is shimmering. She has also fangs. Berenice felt the shock all over her body. She didn't want to confess in front of herself what she already knew. Then, the teenager moved from the mirror away and sat on the bed. The speed of that movement was incredibly fast. One of the advantages of being a vampire.

Yesterday, Berenice was dreaming for a different life. But why exactly a vampire? During the night, a bizarre transformation happened with the girl.

-Nevertheless, miracles exist!-thought the girl.

-Oh, no. It's 12.00. The nuns will come any minute.

Right the same second, the holder of the door made a scraping sound and the nun-in-chief entered the room. She was the most atrocious of all nuns. She came with a bludgeon in her hand. Berenice knew what was going to happen but this time the nun-in-chief will not be able to implement her intention to hurt the orphan girl once more.

With a rapid pace, Berenice reached the cruel nun and stood behind her. Unexpectedly for her, Berenice bit her on the neck. The bone-chilling scream that came from the mouth of the nun, made everything in the little room to vibrate. Finally, this woman received what she deserves. The other nuns were expected the same destiny. This time no one and nothing could stop Berenice. The murder of all nuns was the greatest present for the tortured teenager. Ten years of violence , tears and agony were forever over.

                                                           . . .

Berenice started loving her new life. She promised to protect anyone in need. She promised to fight in the side of the good because she can't bear other injustice in life.

Before leaving the boarding-house , Berenice saw some papers in which she read that her mother is still alive but she was in captivity in Tokyo. Her mother's liberation became a mission for the vampire girl.

Berenice was already noticed In Tokyo searching for the only person she has always loved.

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