Raven red

i might change the title later on but oh well lol see what you thinkx


1. chapter 1: new years.


Skylars p.o.v


It was a peacefull evening  in my jungle of a bedroom lying in my king sized bed covered in teddybears and fluffy blankets.

I was just about to nod off to sleep after writing an entry im ny diary and hanging out the window for a quiet cigarette. I had had a busy day. It was a monday. On mondays i had kick boxing after school and then guitar lessons and a gym trip before getting smoothies with my friends and going home for dinner. It was 11pm on new years eve and i was tired.

Just as i was closing my eyes a loud crash exploded as my bedroom door thrust open and light came streaming in.

Standing In the doorway was my sister layla beaming, squealing and jumping up and down with excitement. "Skylar get up were going to a party" she said as she lept in and started throwing clothes at me from my cupboard.

groaning and complaining i got up as she forced me to get dressed and took me down to the garage and then promptly pushed me into the driver seat of my black and red VW camper. Despite me fighting it she managed to force me to a large house in the middle of the town were ear splitting music was pumping from every window. She then led me into the lounge of this big house and i flumped into the seat of a red leather sofa that looked like some kind sofa from christian grays red room of pain. Only this sofa diddntr make me want do do anything fun, it just made me want to sleep. i shrugged down avoiding anyone that came to see me and took my diary out of the leather handbag my sister had previousely thrown at me.


I sat  on my own, in the corner of the room, on a small red sofa, minding my own busines when IT walked up... My ex and worst enemy. Kyle. “ Hello beutifull” He slurred obviously half drunk with a sadistic smile on his face” Wanna go upstairs”.

“piss off kyle” I shouted above the stupid dance music. Glancing up from my diary for a split second.   Anger spread like a forest fire across his face and his right hand clenched into a fist squashing the empty beer can that he was clutching witch he then dropped to the floor. His eyes then widened to a look almost puppy dog like. Flasbacks of the night we broke up stretched into the corner of my mind and grew like the trunk of a tree. I remembered the black eye he gave me and all the aching ribs of the months of agony before.

“what happened babe. Where did we go wrong” He said in a broken pained voice. His mouth then tightened into a sick grin.

you were a sadistic, abusive arsehole the thought stretched deap in the corner of my mind “I said piss off” I shouted getting louder. A few heads turned as I closed my small leather bound book with a loud pop and stomped off out into the garden of the large house. A hideous mix of anger and emotional pain burst through my body entering into my fist causing me to punch the nearby large ceramic vase of white and red tulips . I immediately realised what I had done as the pain burst through my fist causing me to unclench it and the vase that once stood there majestically fell to the floor and smashed

My face began to turn red and I started to fight to stifle the tears that were trying to escape from my eyes.

I started running unable to controll myself thinking, why would my sister take me here? why would she put me through this shit?

I sprinted into the woods at the back of my house and stopped as my panting was causing lu body lo lurch foirewards and my heart to pound so fast that i couldnt run any more.

I collapsed onto a nearby oak tree and slid to the ground crying. My eyes started to sting as i struggled for air.

Only when i heard footsteps did i look up.


     standing up, I squinted through the teers to see a tall hansome man with dark green eyes and black hair that just

reached the top of his neck. I stared in amasement as i looked at the shine in his green... no blue the just turned blue. The mans eyes changed colour as i watched. I was still strugglig for breath. Why couldnt ibreath?!?!? the mans eyes darkened and he lunged forewards as i noticed the whole world darken around me.





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who should my characters be and what should they look like.

comment below your ideas and the best ones will be put into the story and get a mentionxxx


luuuurrrrvvvveee yoo guyzzzzz


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