The Movella Mystery

You never know what's coming next.


2. You opened the file book and saw some names...

Name: Sarah Mutual (goes by S)
Age: 14
Abilities: Can play any piece of music by ear, can play any instrument by just watching someone play it once
Likes/Dislikes: Birds, music/isolation, loneliness
Other info: Wears grey-blue glasses, has dark brown, almost black, eyes, auburn hair, a short bob haircut, and freckles just across her nose. Nerdy and proud


Name: Snow Potato (goes by Snow - unless someone is making fun of her, they call her Potato)

Age: 14

Abilities: Ice powers (cliché, I know ) and camouflaging

Likes: Ice, cold, ice cream, long hair, roses, heeled boots, her friends, the color white, spicy stuff

Dislikes: Pink, heat, unnecessarily mean people, too sugary stuff, barbies

Other info: Sassy, sarcastic, black-haired...the usual


Name: spongebobninja, but preferably called Ninja

Age: 15

Abilities: Can turn into a sponge and soak up water, and can go invisible

Likes/dislikes: Spongebob, eating / extreme darkness

Other info: Goofy Goober


Name: Ender

Age: 14, looks like 12

Abilities: Draws things in the air using her finger and magically turns them into reality,though they hardly last seconds. Hardly ever works.

Likes/dislikes: Being stress-free, mentally stable, drawing and sleeping/she hardly hates anything other than school and herself.

Other info: Cheery but tired. Is blind without her glasses

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