The Movella Mystery

You never know what's coming next.


3. Chapter 1

'Is it only 1am?!' I muttered to myself in regret, as I started at the bright green numbers displayed on the face of my digital clock. I've really lost all motivation to sleep. Anyways, it's the holidays so it doesn't matter if I sleep in the next morning! I decided to hop onto my laptop to see what I could do to pass time.

I slowly lift my warm, comfy blankets of myself and bear the cold that awaits me. As my feet became open to the cold, I jumped into my slippers at the side of my bed and waddled over to turn the heater on. My room turned from an igloo into a cosy paradise.

Without further ado, I started up my laptop. The brightness of the screen lit up my whole room and created a burden to my eyes. From all the screens I've looked at the past few years, my eyes have done a good job for working!

I decided to read through my old emails. Sounds weird probably, especially at this time of night, but I always felt like reminiscing the old times, when we conversed with people through email.

I came upon some really funny emails, irrelevant ones, and straight up odd ones. However one of them caught my eye. It was an email from Movellas, saying I hadn't been on for a while. 



I love Movellas! I joined back in 2014 and it was the best place I'd ever visited. I wrote stories, read stories, and made new friends. Maybe those friends will still be there! Man, good times!

So I opened, logged in my with my user and password (surprisingly remembered my password) and was alerted with 20+ notifications. I scrolled through them, replying to comments and talking to old friends. 

But as I was replying to Snow's comment, a large, beaming red window popped infront of my current tab and read:






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