Poem on eating disorder.


1. Poem.

There’s a voice, she’s yelling, so so loud, I hear her with every step, with every bite, with every movement, with every longing look I make at food. She’s there. When my stomach growls, when I weigh myself, when I’m offered food, when I walk into the grocery store, when I look in the mirror, everywhere and yet nowhere, she is there.

You’re fat.

Eww, look at those rolls!

You’re fat.

Look at those chipmunk cheeks!

You’re fat.

No one will love you.

You’re fat.

Everyone is staring at you, you pig!

You’re fat.

Cover it up!

You’re fat.

Stop eating.

You’re fat.

Stop breathing. 

You’re fat.

You take up too much space.

You're fat.

Don’t eat that.


This voice in my head, She just won’t leave me alone, not until I give her what she wants.

Starve bitch!

I give in...

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