Lazy Spongebob Sad Patrick

The title says it. Beware, this is random, and if you can't hold in much sadness, this isn't for you. :)


1. Lazy Spongebob Sad Patrick

One fine day, Spongebob was just lounging around in his cosy warm Pineapple with his pet snail Gary. He was very bored he couldn't even think. Suddenley, the door bell rang. Spongebob lazily got up and stumbled towards the door.

" Hello, who are you?" Spongebob asked.

"Oh,' the Postman!" he laughed.

"Patrick, I don't have time for this! I have other important things to do!" Spongebob slammed the door shut. 

Tears were gushing down Patrick's face.

"But......." Patrick started crying and ran home.

 The Very Sad Ending :(

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