Spongebob Slenderpants

Mr. Krabs tells Spongebob that he has to work a late night shift because the food inspector is coming. Spongebob finds that the krabby patty room needs a new bulb, so he goes to Barg'n mart to get one. But on his way, things get tragic. All because of on bulb. A light bulb.


1. The Light Bulb

"Well another day has past, oh i just wished it would have last," Mr. Krabs kept chanting on.
"Well, I have had a long day today! I might as well go home now," Spongebob yawned and said.

"Hang on a minute, lad! You aren't going anywhere yet! The food inspector is coming tomorrow morning and I need you to check all the patties and clean up!" Mr Krabs ordered.

"But..." Spongebob said.

"No buts in here my lad! Only in the kitchen! Now get to work! When I come back tomorrow everything should look new!" Mr. Krabs said then walked out.

"Aye Aye Captain," Spognebob replied.

So Spongebob went to the kitchen and went to the Patty Room. 
"It is kind of dark in here, I should turn on the light," Spongebob said.

Spongebob flicked the light switch. Nothing happened.
"Oh great, I have to go and buy one from Barg'n mart , since the stock of bulbs are finished! Spongebob sighed.

So Spongebob walked out of the door, taking a torch with him. The torchlight started flickering, and then it turned off. 

"Ok then, I don't have ANY light!" Spongebob shouted.

Then he heard a voice. A deep, dark voice.

"Hello?" Spongebob asked, worried.

Leaves were crunching behind him. The footsteps were getting closer and closer, until the voice said something.

"I am Slender, but call me Slendy," the voice said. Before Spongebob could turn around or run, everything turned pitch black.

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