Never Ending Dream


1. Chapter 1

Paisley's P. O. V

I was walking along the the beach shore, with my shoes in my left hand, and my feet leaving imprints on the wet sand. I then stopped walking and realized that I don't even know how i ended up here in the first place. I looked out at the ocean and saw the sun setting. I think i better go it's getting late. I thought to myself. But I don't know where I am i don't even know where to go. I decided to go and stay at a hotel. I went to the nearest bank and went to see how much i have saved up...$50,000. I took out all my money and went to the nearest hotel. I walked in and the atmosphere was very welcoming and it was so nice and big! I walked up to the front desk where a women with a white blouse and a tight bun, was typing stuff on the computer. She looked up and saw me and immediately stopped. "How May i help you?" She said. "Umm may i have a room please?" I asked. "Of course." She said. She typed a few things into the computer then grabbed a book with different names on it and a pen. I grabbed the pen and wrote down my name... Paisley Winters. "Ok thank you, you are on floor 7 #712, now the total cost will be $150." She said. I nodded handed her the money and she gave me to keys. Just incase i loose one i have another. I walked towards the elevators and pushed the button going up. I soon opened and I stepped in. I push the button 7 and right as the door were about to close a hand stuck through preventing them from closing. A guy with blonde hair and blue eyes walked in he went to push a button but stopped. I guess we have the same floor. "What room are you in?" He asked in a thick Irish accent. "Umm #712." I said really shy. "Really I'm in #714. I guess I'll be seeing you around." He said. Then soon setped out when the doors opened. I followed and went to the door with the number #712 on it and used the key to get in. I opened the door and I saw a mini kitchen a little living room and on the left there was a bedroom with a bathroom attached to it. I walked over to the bed and decided to go to sleep because I was tired and it was late. I got under the cover and slowly drifted off to sleep.

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