Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


10. ~Please Just Leave~

Chapter 11 (please just leave)

Tobias's P.O.V

"NO!" I protest I couldn't leave her, yes I loved her and I know she loved me but she would never believe me. She was sent a picture of me and my previous girlfriend Tania at the party I went to the night I met Natalie and I was a little bit drunk but what I don't get is how she got a picture of us. "Why!? It's not like you actually love me or anything so why not just go back to your actual girlfriend and stay the hell away from me because whatever we had and whatever I use to feel for you is long gone I was so wrong about you!" As soon as she said that I was crying whoever sent that picture was going to pay for this, I really did love Natalie I just didn't know how to explain. "Natalie look just let me explain... I promise you I will tell you everything but you need to listen" I say tears still streaming from my eyes. "Okay but that might not mean this relationship will work out" she says my heart dropped and I cried even more "okay yes that picture is of me but you need to understand that it was the night I met you that kiss meant nothing and I broke up with her that same night so that I could be with you I promise yes we kissed but she came up to me and I was forced into it, I don't know how she got that picture but I was really really drunk when that happened please believe me Natalie I really do love you like more than anything or anyone in this whole world I understand if you don't feel the same way anymore and I will leave you alone forever and let you live a happy life without me" I put my head in my hands and try to wipe away some of the tears but it doesn't work they just won't stop I've never been this upset before. "T...Tobias..." Her voice shakes "yes" I say lifting my head up "I... Love... You" she says I get up so quickly I was over the moon I can't believe she still loves me after everything "oh Natalie I love you too babe" I say running over to her and picking her up spinning her around and kissing her soft lips I thought she would never take me back but she did. "I woah I don't I can't even explain how happy I am" I say smiling, "it's fine babe I understand can we just forget this whole thing happened and move on from this and go shopping or something please I really need to" she says looking up at me smiling i hate shopping but I can't resist that sweet innocent adorable face "okay babe go get dressed and we will go get some clothes" I say smiling back at her and kissing her forehead.

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