Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


9. ~Movie Day, Great or bad...~

~Chapter 9 (movie day, great or bad)~

"Beautiful wake up" I hear a soft whisper in my ear causing me to jump a little "Tobias don't do that ever again! You scared me" I yell "I'm sorry babe" he kisses my forehead "hehe it's okay what time is it?" I ask rubbing my eyes "it's 11:30 sleeping beauty now come on let's get this movie day started shall we" he says chuckling then running to his bag and pouring out what seems like 30 movies and some popcorn chips and chocolate I love this boy!

Tobias's P.O.V

I knocked at the front door and about thirty seconds later her father popped his head out the door "oh hello there Tobias it's lovely to see you again come in" he greets me "hello sir, is Nat awake yet? We are meant to be having this movie day together" I say with a smile "oh yes she is upstairs the last door to the left you can't miss it" "thank you sir" I say and walk upstairs. I get to her bedroom and open the door and shit it quietly she was still asleep she looked so adorable sleeping. "Beautiful wake up" I whisper in her ear causing her to jump I giggle a little "Tobias don't do that ever again! You scared me" she yells at me "I'm sorry babe" I reply and place a kiss on her forehead. "What time is it" she asks me rubbing her eyes "it's 11:30 sleeping beauty now come on let's get this movie day started shall we" I chuckle and start getting things organised. The first movie we watched was The Notebook yeah it's cheesy I know but who cares it's a good movie and Natalie cried in it she's so cute. The other movies we watched were Divergent, frozen, 22 jump street, NEMo, lion king and some scary movies which I feel asleep in the middle of. I woke up with Natalie in my arms I smiled and kissed her on the forehead I looked out the window and it was pitch black, I look over at the alarm clock and it's 2:00am! I couldn't be bothered driving home so I just switched off the tv and went back to sleep holding Natalie.

Natalie's P.O.V

I woke up this morning feeling really sick so Tobias has gone downstairs to make me something that's meant to help but I could've just survived with a cold tablet. "How you feeling babe?" Tobias says looking at me worried as I take my last spoonful of his delicious soup "I still feel sick but thank you for the soup it made me feel a little better" I say smiling. "I think I'm going to get some sleep if you don't mind" I say holding my head in pain " of course I don't mind as long as you let me lye with you" he says cheekily "haha but I don't want you to get sick babe" I say "I don't care, it's my job to look after you now lye down" he says poking his tongue out at me I giggle and lye down Tobias wraps his arms around my waist and I drift off to sleep again feeling safe in his arms.

I woke up feeling so much better than before, Tobias was still lying next to me sleeping like an angel his arms still tightly wrapped around my waist which made it hard for me to look at the clock but somehow I managed and oh wow it was 12:30pm we have been sleeping for 6 hours! Not including last night, I try getting up to use the bathroom without waking Tobias but I fail and his eyes shoot straight open "where do you think your going? Only been together for what three days and your already running away?" He whispers "no.. I need to use the bathroom if you don't mind" I chuckle and run to the bathroom. I walk back in my room an Tobias is lying there with the sheets over the bottom half of his body and he was shirtless I hope he wasn't ya know... Naked... "Hey beautiful" he says bitting his lip, "morning" I say walkin give to the side of the bed I couldn't stop staring at his amazing eight pack and sexy tattoos "like what you see baby girl?" He says chuckling "what... Oh I was just... Don't be too sure of yourself" I say bitting my bottom lip and hopping back into bed. I was about to fall asleep but my phone beeped "AHHH" I say I pick my phone up and check the message...

Blocked message

Well look who can't keep their hands off other peoples boyfriends... I am going to kill you! Keep your hands off my man YOU STUPID SLUT nobody likes you, Tobias is using you for your fame and money I mean look at you, your so ugly and fat. I get a message almost straight away it's of Tobias and some girl kissing I immediately died inside.

I sit there in shock... I start to cry i try to stop but it just keeps falling I can't stop it... "Babe... Babe... Natalie why are you crying?" The worry in his voice shows as he rushes to my side "I KNEW YOU WOULD DO THIS TO ME!! I CANT BELIEVE I TRUSTED YOU HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID! YOU JUST USED ME BECAUSE IM FAMOUS BUT THATS NOT GOING TO WORK JUST GET OUT!! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN!!!" I yell tears streaming down my face so fast I could've made a lake if I tried. "I.. I don't know what your talking about?" He says I get up and find the picture the was sent "YEAH... WELL EXPLAIN THIS!!" I scream and then slap him, he immediately stands up his jaw clenched shut and his fists were tightly closed at that moment I thought he was going to hit me "let me see that photo..." He says sounding annoyed I show him the phone and doesn't say a word so I did "Please just leave" I say turning away from him "NO!" He shouts at this point I am so terrified that he might hit me "Why!? It's not like you actually love me or anything so why not just go back to your actual girlfriend and stay the hell away from me because whatever we had and whatever I use to feel for you is long gone I was so wrong about you!" At this point I'm crying my heart out.

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