Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


8. ~Meeting the Prince~

Chapter 8 (Meeting the prince)

I awaken to the sound of my alarm clock beeping ugh I look at the clock and it's already 11:45am shit I only had 30 mins to get ready! I get up and run to the bathroom and have a super quick 5 Minute shower and quickly get dressed in a white strapless dress that came up to my thighs applied some make up and ran downstairs to eat breakfast... Well lunch seeing as it was 12:10 I had five minutes to eat something so I just had toast. *knock knock* was all I heard "I'll get it" my brother shouts running out of the living room and opening the door "hello sir" my brother says as he opens the door "hello I'm Prince Charming I'm here to meet Princess Natalie" I hear a strong British accent.

The meeting with the prince went by so fast It felt like 30 mins but it was actually 5 hours of sitting on the couch talking and getting to know each other and what surprised me the most is that he didn't once try anything with me we just talked. "Well I better get going it was lovely meeting you, you must come to my castle next time" he says as he walks out the door "id love to charming" I chuckle as I close the door. I eat dinner by myself because the rest of my family had gone out to some meet and greet dinner party. I went upstairs and changed into some pjs and hoped into bed I checked my phone and to my surprise I had 18 new messages and 21 missed call all from Tobias. I scroll through them

Morning babe

Babe you okay?

When exactly were you going to tell me about this prince?

Did he try anything with you?

Babe please text!

I'm worried about you

I trust you won't cheat on me I just need to hear from you

Please please please please text!

Okay I'm worried sick about you now!

I love you xoxo <3 <3

Please say it back

I need to hear you say it

Please don't leave me for this prince

I promise never to leave you just please... Stay

Be with me


And ever

Text when you can I'll leave you alone now your probably busy I love you beautiful xoxo <3 <3 :*

I smile and text back as fast as I can just so he won't have to suffer anymore than he already has...

To: Tobi <3


Babe I'm so sorry, I had to spend time with that prince I really didn't want to but my parents made me do it, nothing happened between us I promise I would never do that to you ever ever! I swear on my life your the only one I love, I can't wait for Saturday. I will love you forever and ever xoxo <3 :*

I set my phone down and was about to fall asleep but I received a text almost immediately from Tobias wow this boy must've been just sitting next to his phone waiting for me.

From: Tobi <3

Oh thank god your okay I was so worried about you, it's fine I understand my parents would've done the same and I believe you that nothing happened between you and him, I'm going to get some rest and I suggest you do the same princess because I have the whole day planned for just you and I tomorrow, I rented some movies and I'll stop at the shop before I come over I'll see you around 11:00 better be awake ;) xxx <3 I love you babe forever and ever! :*

To: Tobi <3

Wow mr organised hehe your adorable, awesome sounds like we gonna have a long day then ;) okay goodnight babe can't wait for tomorrow xxx <3 I love you more than I could ever explain :*

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