Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


4. ~Is this a date?~

-Chapter 4 (is this a date?)

I look through my closet for something to wear to my "date" with Toni, I am honestly so nervous the butterflies in my stomach are literally eating me from the inside out. I grab some clothes and quickly have a shower but I don't bother washing my hair seeing as it would take too long to dry. It takes me 10 mins to have a shower. I dry myself and then change into a tight black dress that went down to my thighs I applied some foundation, mascara, eyeliner, a tiny bit of blush and some cherry red lipstick. I finishes up my outfit with some black heels and I checked my phone. I had one new message...

From: Toni

Hey cutie,

Meet me out the back at 7:30

Love you xx

To: Toni


Okay sure can't wait

Love you too xx

I checked the time "shit" it's 7:25 I have five minutes to sneak out of this castle. I don't know how I'm going to do this but I'm gonna try. I quietly open my door and shut it behind me. I finally reach the back door and ran out so nobody would see me I felt so bad sneaking out but I just want what's best for me and they need to understand that. "Hey... Woah you look stunning baby girl" Toni walks out from behind a tree "hehe my eyes are up here Ton" I chuckle. "Yeah sorry I can't help it your just beautiful so the limo I waiting next door for us" he says walking over to the gap in the fence and holding it open for me to walk first. We get through the fence and I feel his warm breath on the back of my neck "we should just stay here and have a little fun babe?" "Okay Romeo let's go come on" I say chucking "don't tease me babe it'll make me want you more" he says lightly grabbing my bum.

Skip Date (sorry I'm too lazy)

"I had such a amazing time Toni I hope we can do it again sometime" I say pecking his lips lightly "that was the best night for m..." He was cut off when my phone started ringing I get it out of my bag and check to see who it is I gasp when I see it's my... Dad I answer it and straight away I know I'm in trouble "WHERE ARE YOU YOUNG LADY!" He yells "Okay dad just let me explain" I say tears forming in my eyes "Don't Bother Natalie Your Mother And I were worried sick just come home right now!" And with that he hangs up. I can feel myself crying and I don't know what to do anymore why was I so stupid "can you take me back please Toni" I say not even bothering to look at him "sure" was all he said even the car ride back was silent I was to deep in thought to care about anything else... I get out of the car and my mum and dad are standing at the front door. They get the shock of there lives when Toni hops out of the limo behind me. He holds my hand tight and a sigh of relief comes over me atleast he wasn't mad at me I don't know what I would do if he was. "What the hell is this!" My dad yells "sir I can explain... I took your daughter out on a date and we knew that you wouldn't approve of this so we kept it a secret... I was going to have her back safe and sound before 11 I promise you know I would never do anything to hurt he.." Antonio was cut off by my mother "you are a reckless little slut! You know you can't be with him! He is two years older than you! And not to mention he's not royal!!" Tears now streaming down her face " I don't care!... I don't care if he's not royal or rich and so what he's two years older! I am not a slut! He's the first guy I have ever felt this way about and you know that!" I scream "no Nat they are right you shouldn't be with me I'm not right for you this was stupid I mean who are we kidding! They hate me look what I've done! I'm sorry but what ever this is isn't going to work!" He says crying hard "what are you trying to say?!" I say looking at him. "I'm saying we shouldn't be together... Goodbye Nat" he walked away and I fainted right on the spot. I just lay there lifeless I could hear my mother yelling my name. But I couldn't respond I felt like dying... So why didn't i?

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