Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


2. ~I want to be his~

-Chapter 2 (I want to be his)

Natalie's P.O.V

*Knock Knock* "You may enter" I say trying to sound as happy as possible I am so not a morning person. "Good morning Princess I hope you got lots of beauty sleep because you have a very long day ahead of you" our butler Antonio says walking over to my bedside. "Good morning is actually slept quite well thank you and Toni it's okay you can call me by my name when it's just is two" I say getting out of bed very slowly. "My apologies Nat and that's good, would you like me to go over the schedule for today beautiful?" He says smiling over at me "yes please Toni" I say walking into my walk in closet. "Okay so first you have breakfast with your parents and brothers at 9:00 followed by your public speaking at 10:30 down at the town hall then you have to visit the elementary school at 12:00 and give a speech about what your daily life entails, after the speech you will have approximately two and a half hours to "chill" so I was thinking maybe I could take you to Starbucks and catch up on things and maybe go see a movie?" He says looking down at his shoes in shame "I would love to Toni you know I love spending time with you but we can't tell my parents they will not accept this" I say walking over to him an giving him a tight hug and to my surprise he kisses my cheek. I can feel my cheeks burning and I smile like an idiot. "Well I'll let you get dressed love meet me downstairs in ten" he says picking up his paper and closing the door behind him. I got dressed into a floral pink dress, some pink matching heels and a beautiful pearl necklace with matching earrings that Toni brought me for my birthday last year. In the palace known as my home we each have our own butlers mine was Antonio he has been my butler for about four years now and he is like my best friend because he is the only one that listens to my problems and never brings me down, he appreciates me because I never take him for granted I always do most things for myself. Antonio is not like most of the guys I have meet during speeches Antonio loves me for me and other guys will just want to get into my pants and then tell all there friends they slept with some royal slut. Toni has had a crush on me for as long as I can remember and I don't mind because he always compliments me on how beautiful I look even when I am at my worst. He has short spikey dark brown hair the most amazing bluey green eyes he is taller than me and two years older so it's not that weird if I decided to ya know be with him... Wait... No... I can't... Think like that... He's not royal... My parents would be.... Furious... I just want them to want for me... What I want for myself. Well I better get down there and eat something or they will get all angry saying I spend too much time in my room locked away.

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