Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


7. ~Does he mean it?~

Chapter 7 (Does he mean it)

Tobias's P.O.V

Woah I can't believe she actually said yes, I am honesty so happy right now I thought she would say no but she didn't she said yes straight away.

I decided to take her home because it was getting dark and I needed to get to a party, the car ride home was so funny I got to know Nat a lot better she has the most amazing personality and she is more beautiful than any other girl in the world to me. I know what your thinking we just met and already we are dating but I think it's what people call love at first sight sort of thing. I hope this lasts for a long time.

Natalie's P.O.V

The car ride home was awesome, we have so much in common and he is actually so amazing and his personality is just outrageous. I hope he meant everything he said about how much he loves me and that he actually wants to be with me. "So where are you from?" I ask looking at his curiously "I'm from America I came here for a holiday a few weeks ago and I was supposed to leave two days ago but something just stopped me" he says looking over at me "oh... Are you planning on going back anytime soon?..." I say looking down feeling my heart drop "nope... Not unless your with me i ain't going nowhere cutie" he says kissing my cheek "just scare me like that why don't you!" I punch him playfully on his arm we laugh and ask random questions the rest of the ride home. We arrive out the front I my house or jail as I like to call it there is paparazzi and children taking pictures and screaming out my name "woah you weren't joking you really are a princess" he says turning his car off "yeah but it's not exactly what I want for myself" I say opening the door and getting out. "Are you kidding, this life looks amazing I would love to be rich and adored by everyone" he says while we walk to the door hand in hand letting people take pictures, as I go to reach for the door handle the door swings open "hey dad" I say I know this is not going to be good "hello honey where's sash" he says looking Tobias up and down "she went home she didn't feel well" I lie sash actually went off with her boyfriend callan. "Who's this?" My dad questions "hello sir my name is Tobias Eaton I'm sorry if your daughter is home late but I took her out for lunch and we just got caught up, you have an amazing daughter sir" Tobias says holding out his hand for my dad to shake, my dad smiles and shakes his hand. "It's nice to meet you Tobias, call me Sam, I accept your apology thank you for bringing her back safely I'll let you two say your goodbyes. "Goodbye Sam" he says closing the door. "Haha woah what was that all about mr smooth?" I burst out laughing "well I think he likes me, that's the main thing" he says looking down at his feet. "Well you better get inside it's cold out here I'll text you later on tonight goodbye beautiful" he says as he lightly kisses my forehead and walks to his car "bye Tobi thanks for today" he turns around to look back at me "Tobi? Nice I like that it has a ring to it don't you think?" He says winking and continues to walk to his car I wave goodbye and then head inside. I walk up to my room but I am stopped by my mother "who was that boy?" She says crossing her arms "um.. That's Tobias my new.. Um.. Boyfriend" I reply "well as long as he makes you happy I'm fine with it, I don't know what he said but your father definitely approves, also I have decided that I will no longer force you to marry this prince because I have been really tough on you lately and I think your old enough to decided on your own, but it's also too late to cancel the plans so you will still have to meet him" my mum says pulling me into a hug I was shocked and really happy that my mum had said this. "Thank you so much mum, I won't let you down" I say "I know you won't" she says and walks downstairs leaving me to sleep. I lay down on my bed and start watching some scary movies when I get a message, I check to see who it's from and my face lights up when I see it's Tobias...

From: Tobi <3

Hey beautiful,

I had the best time today, I was wondering if you wanted to go to the beach or laser tag or just chill this weekend? ...

To: Tobi <3

Hey babe,

I had a great time, yeah sure sounds like fun how about we just chill at mine or yours because it'll be better, I am really tired and I have a huge day tomorrow so I'm gonna get some sleep goodnight Tobi I love you heaps xoxo :*

From: Tobi <3

Awh, sounds amazing as long as I get to see you I'm good, okay angel goodnight I love you soooooo much xoxox <3 :* text you tomorrow ;)

I giggle at the last message then I turn my tv off and go to sleep hoping tomorrow won't be too bad.

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