Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


5. ~Can't believe I trusted you~

-Chapter 5 (can't believe I trusted you)

~Two Weeks Later~

I woke up the light shinning through my curtains it has been two weeks since Antonio and I had split and I couldn't stop thinking about him no matter how much I tried, I just needed to accept the fact he was gone forever. I finally agreed to meet this so called prince because it would make my parents happy even though I wouldn't be truly in love. My parents were so happy when I told them to set up the meeting and it would be in three weeks time. Today I needed to take my mind off things so I decided to text my only best friend Sasha to see if she was busy.

To: Sash

Heey Girl,

You busy today?

I got a text almost immediately from sash


Heey babez,

Nah I'm so bored why?

I was happy she texted that

To: Sash

Awesome! Up for a little bit of shopping followed by some Starbucks at the beach? I have so much to tell you... x

From: Sash

OMG! This is why I love you girl! I'll pick you up in ten x ily

To: Sash

Yes! Thank you so much! I'll go get ready now x ily2 ;)

I set my phone down and went to get ready. I put on a pair of white high waisted shorts, a white singlet with the words "love me" written in bold letters I put on my flat cap that had the word 'Slut' on it, and my black converses, I applied some makeup and put my hair in loose curls and when I was happy with my appearance I grabbed my wallet and phone and went downstairs. "Where are you off to honey" my dad says looking at me "I'm just going shopping with sash I won't be too long daddy" I smile opening the door "okay love have fun be safe" he yells I don't bother answering.

From: Sash

On my way honey can't wait to see you it's been so long xx

To: Sash

Can't wait to see you aswell babez! xx I can see your car ;)

I put my phone in my pocket and about 30 sec later a red Lamborghini pulls into my driveway. I smile like an idiot with Sash jumps out of the car and runs over to me basically leaping into my arms. "Heeeey!" She screams "Heey let's get going!" I yell back laughing. The ride to the mall was a lot quicker than I expected but I think that was because we talked the whole way, we get out of the car and head into the mall "so Nat spill it... I know you for just want to have a girls day... Something's wrong" she says I hate to admit it but this girl knows everything and she wasn't just going to let this go so I decide to take the easy way out and tell her. I told her everything about my parents, meeting the prince soon, and Toni. "Wait... He did what! Oh that player if I ever see him I will kill em" she says and winks at me "I'll sharpen some knives" I wink back. Just then something catches my eye it's... I... How could this be happening... "Asshole" I say... "What?!" Sash says "it's looks like you've seen a ghost or somethi..." She was lost for words I knew she was mad. Without thinking I ran, I kept running I didn't know where I was going I just ran until... "Ouch watch were your runnin.." I say holding my head but I'm cut off by a more than gorgeous voice "I'm so sorry ma'am I didn't see you there" I look up and see the most amazing pair of brown eyes staring at me. "It's fine" I say getting up "so you gotta name cutie?" He says looking me up and down "yeah I'm Natalie but everyone calls me Nat and your?" "I'm Tobias Eaton but everybody calls me four it's nice to meet you Nat" he replys in that amazing tone. "So um.. This might be weird but would you like to go grab lunch or something?" He says looking me in the eyes "yeah sure but like now or?" I asked with a puzzled look on my face "yes now love haha your cute" he says and we walk off to the coffee shop where unfortunately Toni and some chick were eating lunch together.

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