Finding My Happily Ever After

There I was just sitting in my room feeling lifeless wondering if I will ever find my happily ever after... Do fairy takes exist or am I just caught in a fantasy world?


3. ~Breakfast~

-Chapter 3 (breakfast)

I walk down the stairs ever so elegantly to the dining hall were my parents and brother are sitting down talking up a storm about some pointless topic. I walk in and glance over at Antonio he smiles and me and gives me a wink and paces over to the chair and pulls it out for me and whispers "you look beautiful Nat" he smiles at me "thanks" I chuckle. "Natalie!" My mother yells "yes... Sorry... What was that mother" I say turning to see my mum frowning at me "I asked if you are ready for today?" She says returning to her daily paper "as ready as I'll ever be" I say picking up a jam scone. "Natalie your mother and I have been meaning to talk to you for a while now and I think today would be great" my father says smiling at me "well we think since your almost 19 now and your going to be the new queen so we have organised for you to meet a prince that you will be married to when you become queen" "WHAT?!" I yell "Nat calm down" my brother Chris says "DAD THATS SO NOT FAIR I DONT WANT TO MARRY SOME SPOILED LITTLE RICH BOY EVEN IF HE WAS GOOD LOOKING!" I yell tears streaming from my face "I don't see what the big deal is darling" my dad replies trying to keep his cool with me "the big deal is that I should be able to pick who I want to marry because it's me that's going to have to love with him!" I ran out of room and upstairs to my room and just cried into my pillow. I hear my door open and then softly close I then feel a warm hand rubbing my back "hey hey it's okay Nat please don't cry it's hurts me to see you like this" his voice is gentle it's Antonio "I don't want to marry some rich prince" I say getting up slowly "I know I know but why? Most girls love rich guys and I hear he's a charmer" he smiles but I can tell he doesn't want me to do this either...

Antonio's P.O.V <3

Nat just had a argument with her dad and it was very heartbreaking when I heard that she was being forced to marry some spoiled prince especially after I had already asked her on a date tonight. She ran off crying and I tried to resist but my feet just ran all on there own and before I knew it I was standing at her door thinking of what I am going to say to her. I opened we door an then shut it quietly she was lying with her face in her pillows crying her heart out. I felt a pain in my heart I hated seeing her like this it hurt me a lot! "Hey hey Nat it's okay please don't cry it hurts me to see you like this" I say feeling my eyes go all watery. "I don't want to marry some rich prince" she says lifting her head to look at me " I know I know but why? Most girls love rich guys and I hear he's a charmer" I say with a smile but I didn't mean it I knew she loved me and I know for sure that I loved her and I would do anything just to let her know that. I have to do something tonight when we go out or I'll never live to see another day. I can't imagine her with some other guy. "I know most princess would be ecstatic about being with this prince but I don't truly love him... Because... I ... I" "come on spit it out Nat?" I say looking into her eyes "I love you Antonio" she says staring at me with her beautiful brown eyes of hers "I love you too Nat and I'm not just saying that I really mean it" I say and she starts to smile at me. I lean in for a kiss... She starts to lean in too... I can't believe this is finally happening... I put one hand on her waist and the other on her soft warm cheeks the next second her warm lips touch mine and it feels like heaven we kissed passionately for about five minutes and then things started to get more heated. Ten minutes past and we were lying on her bed she was lying on top of me and I was kissing her neck gently leaving a hickey on the bottom of her neck so that It would be easy to cover up. She was just my little slice of Heaven.

Natalie's P.O.V

OMG! I can't believe I'm doing this I am kissing my butler I am such a horrible person but for some reason I was enjoying this more than anything I have ever done in my whole life, I now know who I am meant to be with now I think I have finally found my purpose in life. After about 15 minutes of laying on top of Toni he gently put me down so I was lying on my back and he was now on top. He was now kissing my neck and slowly trailed his hand up my shirt and started unclipping my bra. "Wait... I want you... I just don't think I'm ready... Please don't be mad" I say getting up and sitting on the edge of the bed. "Nat of course I'm not mad at you I respect your decision I just want you to know that when your ready so am I" he says kissing my cheek. "You better get ready for your speech I'll see you when you get back gorgeous" he says and walks slowly out the door..

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