The Unexpected

Amanda Thorne is just your typical teenager, she's not a huge fan of R5 at first. Until she's forced to one of their concerts and everything changes.


1. Who's R5?

Amanda’s POV

While I wait for my bestie to shower, I find a spot on the edge of her bed. In a hours time we are heading off to a R5 concert, whoever they are. Just my friends attempt to get my mind off my new ex, Matt. We’d been together three and a half years and somehow Lauren thought this was going to help me get over him. Ok, so the boys in this band were pretty cute, but with the amount of time we were together?? I reckon it’s going to take more than just some concert.

“Lauren! Amanda! You almost ready?? There’s been a car crash on the highway so we need to leave a little earlier than planned!” Shouts Laurens dad, Jack.
“Be there soon!” We both shout back in unison.
Next thing I know, Lauren is busy stumbling out of the bathroom trying to grab any stable surface that her hands would fall upon, trying to keep her from falling.
“You ready Amanda?!? You ready? You ready? You ready? You ready?”
“Yes Lauren,” I sigh while rolling my eyes.
“Cheer up sis, you never know. Something might happen and change your life forever!”
“Yup, so one of the guys are going to see me, from up on stage. Pick me out from all other screaming fans in the crowd. We’ll get married, have two kids and live happily ever after. Yeah sure, that’s totally going to happen Lauren” I reply sarcastically.
“OMG! That would be amazing wouldn’t it? I bet you want it to be Ross! No more Matt pulling you down. I seriously cannot wait!” She spots a tear spring to my eye, realising she’s said his name. She decides to shut up.
“Yes Lauren, that’s totally going to happen. Ross is the one, no more… Matt.” I reply, attempting to hold back the waterfall of tears, but failing.

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