The Unexpected

Amanda Thorne is just your typical teenager, she's not a huge fan of R5 at first. Until she's forced to one of their concerts and everything changes.


4. Surprise!

Amandas POV

So they just finished singing their last song, Here Comes Forever, and I must admit. Lauren was right, cause A: it is extremely hot in here! And B: Their songs are surprisingly catchy. I’m impressed.

“Ohk guys! We are going to do something we have never done before! Are you ready?!?” A voice interrupts my line of thoughts. It’s just some lady up on stage. “Before I carry on, I’m Sarah, manager and practically second mother to R5. Right, what we are going to do. Yes you can buy meets and greets with the band. But two lucky people here tonight. Get a meet and greet for free!” Every single girl in the room starts screaming, except me of coarse. I search for some Panadol in my bag. No luck. “Would the owners of ticket numbers V303 and V304, please meet me at the bottom of the stairs, right side of the stage when everyone starts to clear out of the building. I will be asking to see your ticket as proof. Thank you.” She disappears off stage.
“ We would just like to thank all of you for coming here tonight. We all hope you have a safe drive or flight home. Where ever you have come from. Just to let you know, based on a convo the boys and I had earlier. We will be back soon! Thank you all again! Night!” Rydel chips in quickly and then joins the boys as the run off stage.

Ed Sheeran starts playing as girls start searching their bags to see if their the lucky ladies.

Laurens POV

I can’t believe it… Oh my! “Amanda! AMANDA!”
“What Lauren? I have a headache, would you please pipe it down a bit, and can we start going please? I feel like my ears are about to explode.”
“We’re not leaving anytime soon! We’re tickets V303 and V304! We’re going to meet R5!!!!!” I scream at her.
“Oh great,” She replies sarcastically, “I’ll wait for you here”. However R5 and I have different plans. I grab her wrist and start dragging her towards the stairs.

“Hey ladies, ticket proof??” Sarah asks us, I almost throw the tickets at her. Maybe I’m a little bit two excited.
“Congratulations girls, follow me please,” a smile added.



***** Heya guys :) I just want to apologise in advance for my spelling, I'm sorry... *****

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