The Unexpected

Amanda Thorne is just your typical teenager, she's not a huge fan of R5 at first. Until she's forced to one of their concerts and everything changes.


2. Pre-Concert

Amandas POV

Ten minutes later and we were in the car dying from the cold.
“It’s freezing Lauren! Why’d you make me wear this?? Being 17, you’d think I’d be capable of choosing my own clothes…” I complained.
“I’m saving you Amanda. It may be cold now, but once you enter the stadium. Boy will you be hot, with a capital H” she replied, letting a giggle slip.
“ I don’t care… I’m cold now…” I continued, hugging my legs while resting my chin on my knees.
“Fine,” she groaned. Chucking a jumper in my direction.


“We’re finally here Amanda! I’m so excited! Are you excited?!? I am!!”
“Really?? I never noticed,” I replied sarcastically. “Sweetie I can hear your heart beating from here. Hate to think what it will be like once we go in. What time does it start anyways?? 7? They better hurry up and open the doors if they want to start on time. It’s 6:45pm already.” I continued.
“Lighten up why don’t you. I know it’s hard for you to get over him and I know you don’t want to be here. But its R5 for goodness sake! Give them a chance. For me??” She begged, flashing me her puppy dog eyes. I swear she practices.
“Fine Lauren, but only cause I love you.”

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