The Unexpected

Amanda Thorne is just your typical teenager, she's not a huge fan of R5 at first. Until she's forced to one of their concerts and everything changes.


3. Concert Time

Ross POV

Five minutes till the concert. I can’t wait! The rest of the band is getting ready, completing their pre – show rituals.
“Hey Ross! You ready?? Maybe you’ll meet that lucky girl tonight!” Riker shouts at me trying to top all the screaming girls. Only just making it.
“Riker, you say that every concert,” I laugh, rolling my eyes at the same time.
“Two minutes everyone!” Our manager, Sarah shouts.
“Two minutes?? Why can’t it be more like two seconds??” Rydel complains, cracking everyone up.
“And three! Two!” One she mouths at us. ‘It’s on!’ I nearly shout, restraining myself before I run on with the rest of the band.


“You like mismatched socks, with polka dots. You like your pizza cold, I think that’s hot!” Rocky begins, screaming girls tagging along. I love it when the girls join in. Hearing them singing, still doesn’t sink in. They’re singing a song, we wrote. Seriously blows my mind.
I smile and join in, “You say you’re scared, that I won’t be there. But baby I swear, I’m not going anywhere!”

Laurens POV

“You can change your hair, five times a week. You can change your name, get a little bit crazy. You can dance in the rain, rocking second hand chic. But I live for the day, that I’m calling you baby. Cause I’m falling for you!” I shout, harmonizing along with R5. Oh boy, R5. Man this concert certainly took it’s time. I’m finally here!!! What’s even better, it seems that Amanda might actually be enjoying herself. I’m impressed... “I seem predictable, vanilla plain!” I carry on.

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