Falling for you


3. the mall

Katie's pov.

We got to the mall and I got out of the car..

Jason: so uhh you know the only reason I go to the mall is because I want icees😂

Katie: haha well let's go get them

Jason: okay lol

The first thing we saw was the photo booth I ran to it.

Katie: hey do you mind I want to take a couple selfies with you...

Jason: haha sure.

We got inside the photo booth and picked the poop and toilet paper bffs cover. As it started taking pictures he came close to me and kissed me on the cheek. I blushed..

As we got our pictures it had the picture of him kissing me.

Katie: aww 😻

Jason: *blushing*

Katie: *blushing*

As we got into zumiez there were I'm with scumbag shirts. We got them and put them matching. As we got out of the store people started awwing. I cowered my face into his jacket as I was blushing..

We sat down on the bench and he grabbed my hand.

Jason: look Katie I think your an amazing girl and I want to ask you if you could be my girlfriend.....

Katie: there's no way-

Jason: oh it's fine I'm sorry *as Jason got sad*

Katie: no no no I mean there's no way I can say no.

A/N I'll update everyday promise 😘

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