Falling for you


1. new school new foul

Katie's pov

Have you ever moved schools EVERY

SINGLE YEAR? Well I have and this year it's my 2nd year of highschool. I can't believe it's starting tomorrow. Right now I'm just lying in bed thinking how horrible this year is going to be.

----------the next day----------

I woke up and it was only 6:00 in the morning. I took a quick shower. Then I curled my light brown hair. Then I put on my "I love you

To the moon and back" top and my ripped shorts. I got all my Justin Bieber bracelets. I got my butterfly necklace and painted my nails light pink and light blue. I got the keys of my new Ferrari put on galaxy vans and my Madden Girl backpack. I ate and said "goodbye" to my mother as I drove off to school. Everyone was staring at me I felt different it was my first second of school and I already new I don't belong in here......

My schedule said room 154 general art. So I went to the class. I came up to the teacher.

Teacher: hey you must be Katie Veronica Hollister

Katie: yeah

Teacher: I'm Mr.South

Katie: okay nice to meet you

Sorry I didn't feel like writing so that's what you get for today I'll update tomorrow 😘😘

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