Falling for you


2. meeting somebody

Jason's P.O.V.

It's been a normal day so far until this girl walked in. She looked so beautiful and I was the only open seat I got so lucky. She sat down and looked I at me .

Jason: hey in Jason..

Katie: well I'm Katie nice to meet you Jason

Jason: you too so umm... Do you want to hang out sometime.

Katie: yeah why not

Jason: okay then after school meet me by the lockers

Katie: okay sure

~~~~~~~~~~~after school~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Katie's P.O.V.

I was excited to hang out with Jason. I think he could be the first high school friend. I came to the lockers he was waiting.

Jason: hey Katie

Katie: hey Jason so uhh where do you want to go?

Jason: well I thought about going to the mall and then to the movies?

Katie: sounds fun so yeah why not

Jason: okay

We went over to my car.

Jason: so can I drive I don't bite I promise 😂

I kind of blushed he gave me this weird feeling butterflies would be right word.

Jason: well were here.

Katie: yeah

I'll update again UHHH TOMORROW

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