Impossible Feelings

Linalee, a beautiful girl who has deep hatred for humans ever since betrayed by the people she loved, is cold hearted to everyone, earning the title, " The Ice Princess" at school. On the other side, Natsume, a cute, handsome, kind, smart, and forgiving boy on the outside is very popular with everyone. Inside, Natsume is ambitious and wants to make everyone fall in love with him including Linalee so he could manipulate them. They meet and Linalee uses Natsume for her manga but the two plays a dangerous game of who falls in love first and that person will submit to the other. The story gets complicated when Roy (Linalee's cousin) plays an important part.


1. The Ice Princess

    This the first story that I have wrote without giving up.... so far. I hope you guys like it.


      I wore as much clothes as I could even though it was spring and I blame my poor circulations for this but I could not help it. I walked to school, but instead of greeting people like a normal high schooler, I glared at everyone. I hate humans for they make you trust in them then betray you when you need them just like my parents, who betrayed me once they realized I was better than them at everything. The people moved out of my way and stopped their whispering about me when I shot a glare at them.

     During class, I kept on glaring at people. "Why is the Ice Princess glaring at us? What did we do wrong?" I hear one girl whisper to her best friend, fidgeting. Because of my circulations, my skin is cold to the touch and the hateful glares at people earned my nickname, "The Ice Princess", a princess with a frozen heart. I smirked when I heard the friend say,"Just don't make eye contact or else you'll freeze." because I like to know I have this effect on people. Soon the homeroom teacher, Ms. Linna, came in to take attendance. Everyone settled down but when she got to Natsume, there was no reply. A few seconds later, he burst in, calling, "PRESENT!" Immediantely, Ms. Linna smiled adoringly at him, knowing that he was in a meeting, for he was the Student Council President afterall. Natsume smiled back and caused all the girls to squeal while I rolled my eyes in annoyance, seeing the smile more than a billion times. His eyes wandered around the room before setting his eyes upon me. I shot him a glare before looking away.

     During break, I got up quickly and left the room, trying to think of ideas for my manga. My fans were disappointed because my manga did not include romance but somehow it still managed to be the most popular manga. I could not write manga for-

               1.) It meant interaction closer than friendship and I do not want that.

               2.) I don't know how to write romance because I never felt it before, only visualizing friendship that I see everyday.

               3.) Because I don't know romance, I need to experiment it and I will NEVER EVER  go near people in fear of them betraying me except for my cousing, Roy.

     As I wandered through the halls, I heard voices. The next moment, I realized I stumbled upon a confession from a girl who's name is probably Akira to Natsume. "I like you, Natsume. I really do because ever since that incident, being near you makes my heart beat fast." This is it, I thought. I can use this.



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