Impossible Feelings

Linalee, a beautiful girl who has deep hatred for humans ever since betrayed by the people she loved, is cold hearted to everyone, earning the title, " The Ice Princess" at school. On the other side, Natsume, a cute, handsome, kind, smart, and forgiving boy on the outside is very popular with everyone. Inside, Natsume is ambitious and wants to make everyone fall in love with him including Linalee so he could manipulate them. They meet and Linalee uses Natsume for her manga but the two plays a dangerous game of who falls in love first and that person will submit to the other. The story gets complicated when Roy (Linalee's cousin) plays an important part.


4. Sweet Revenge

I'm so sorry for taking me this long to update this chapter.



The next day, I quickly took a seat. I looked around for Natsume and was not disappointed when I didn't see him. A few minutes later, he came in and looked around the room to find me in my seat. He gave me a smirk before going straight to Ms. Linna.
"Ms. Linna, I strongly suspect someone is stalking me," he said innocently. Everyone except for me gathered in the front of the room.
"Oh, Natsume, why do you think that?"
"Well to be honest, I was passing by the home room when I heard voices. I couldn't see the person but I heard my own voice and I recalled that I saying what was played that earlier yesterday."

"Oh gosh, a stalker?!?!" "No way, who would be that desperate? Poor Natsume." The whole class whispered.

Ms. Linna cleared her throat and everyone stopped talking."

"Everyone, please take out all reording devices you have."

Everyone took out all the their devices except for me.

"Could it be the Ice Princess?" Everyone looked at me.

Here goes nothing. I glared and them and they started apologizing.

"Actually, I received an email last night. The voice in the video was not recognizable and the video was too dark to see. I'm not sure if this was what Natsume heard.

I took out my phone and played the edited video that I send to my email.

"All I need is ... confession and my game will be complete. Soon I can manipulate everyone in this school. Can't wait."

After the video, I turned off my phone and sat down. The silence almost made me laugh as the humans tried to interpret what is happening, showing confusion and disbelieve just like when people abandon you.

Slowly, people started talking but Ms. Linna's voice was the loudest.

"Wh-who in the world would do that? WHO SAID THIS?!?! They are so going to get detention."

I shrugged and sat back down.




I stood there, shocked by how this girl thinks. She has no weakness I thought angrily.

"There's no way Natsume would do this. I mean he is so nice and obedient." everyone said.

I smiled and laughed quietly.

"You're right. I would never do this because it is just so...... cruel."

I looked in Linalee's direction and saw her glaring at the people. What's with her and the glaring at people? I thought. I shook my head and tried to plan out a way to get back at Linalee.




During lunch, I met up with Roy.

"Hey, guess what?" I said.

"Hmm?" He looked up from his book.

"I found a really good idea to draw in my manga. I think the fans are going to love it."

"Look, Linalee. You will always be popular even if you don't draw romance. It's their opinion and if you don't feel comfortable then don't draw it." he said with a sigh.

"I know but some people depend on me. Although I hate humans, I don't want what happened to me to happen to them because then I will be a hypocrite myself." I said sadly.

"Then I will always be by your side, supporting you and rooting for you"he said taking my hands and looking me in the eye.

"Thank you. You're the best cousin I could ever have." I said cheerfully. I thought I saw a flash of hurt in his eyes but was gone so fast that I told myself I was imagining things

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