Impossible Feelings

Linalee, a beautiful girl who has deep hatred for humans ever since betrayed by the people she loved, is cold hearted to everyone, earning the title, " The Ice Princess" at school. On the other side, Natsume, a cute, handsome, kind, smart, and forgiving boy on the outside is very popular with everyone. Inside, Natsume is ambitious and wants to make everyone fall in love with him including Linalee so he could manipulate them. They meet and Linalee uses Natsume for her manga but the two plays a dangerous game of who falls in love first and that person will submit to the other. The story gets complicated when Roy (Linalee's cousin) plays an important part.


7. Ice Princess's Weakness?

I'm going to use the same excuse from before. XD I am caught up with school work and the game Lucent Heart. Anyway I hope you like it. :D


Linalee's POV

I walked towards the balcony that veiwed the area where I was coornered and there he was. Natsume seemed deep in thought before I coughed. He turned around, wide-eyed before composing himself once again.

"Hello, Mr. Goodie Shoes. Or maybe the name Bullying Watcher would suit you better." I said taking out the secret camera I planted when the girls ask me to go down stairs.

"What! God damn it, Linalee," he said walking towards me.

"You made a f*cking mistake by messing with me," he snarled.

I smiled at him and said,"Why don't we continue on what was happening yesterday when we were rudely interrupted?" I waved the video of him watching in front of him, taunting him. I need to do this. The next volume is almost due and I don't want to disappoint people.

"Fine,"he said, stepping close to me.

I stepped back, startled by his quick reply and I felt the banister on my back. With his right hand, he held the banister while his left hand traced my cheek. I started to pant for I was really nervous. He leaned in and I quickly closed my eyes. I felt his breath on my face and ......








I felt his cheek bump against my cheek.


"It's a cheek kiss. Be happy that it's still a kiss."he said shrugging.

"Oh really? I guess everyone would have a different opinion about you once they watch this video. Now do it for real."I snapped.

"Ok. Ok. I get it. It's just that your bangs are in the way. Let me push it away,"he said.

I started having a panic attack when I heard that. I can't let him figure my secret out.

"No! Don't push away my bangs! Please!"I cried.

"Now this makes me want to do it more,"Natsume smiled evilly.

"Huh? Your eyes... it's different colors,"he said in shock.

I slid down and sat on the florr, sobbing. I couldn't help it. My whole life is going down because of this stupid weakness.

"So THAT'S your weakness? Wow, the great and almighty Snow Princess has such a weakness huh? Remember, Linalee. If you ever blackmail me again, I'll use this weakness against you." Natsume said, laughing as he headed out the door.




I'm not sure whether I should do one in Natsume's POV because it might reveal too much. I will just see how the story will progress before I decide. Thank you for reading. Some of you might realize it is similar to a certain book but it won't be the same.

I hope cause I didn't read the whole book.

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