Impossible Feelings

Linalee, a beautiful girl who has deep hatred for humans ever since betrayed by the people she loved, is cold hearted to everyone, earning the title, " The Ice Princess" at school. On the other side, Natsume, a cute, handsome, kind, smart, and forgiving boy on the outside is very popular with everyone. Inside, Natsume is ambitious and wants to make everyone fall in love with him including Linalee so he could manipulate them. They meet and Linalee uses Natsume for her manga but the two plays a dangerous game of who falls in love first and that person will submit to the other. The story gets complicated when Roy (Linalee's cousin) plays an important part.


6. Girl vs. Girls

Sorry, I wasn't on nowadays because of school and I got addicted to the game Lucent Heart.




Lenalee's POV

I knew something was awry when I approached school with Roy. Instead of seeing some of the girls shying away from me, I was receiving some glares from them, but I shrugged them off and started talking to Roy.
"I guess I'll meet you for lunch on the roof," I said happily.
"Sure. I'll be waiting cause I'll be skipping science class," he said looking at me with a smirk.
"Woah! What happened to the obedient cousin I knew? He would never skip class if he can," I teased him.
He shrugged, "Science class is doing SSR right now. It's kinda boring."
I shook my head heading towards my class. There was still 20 minutes before homeroom starts. I started on my calculus notes. I have nothing to do right now. My status as the vice president of the student council should have kept me really busy but this school hardly does anything bad so I mainly sit around the council room, doodling, but a few months ago, I grew bored hanging around people like Natsume so now I do my work at home or before homeroom.
When homeroom started, I couldn't help noticing there were more whispering about me. I sighed and waited for Ms. Linna to finish taking attendance. I started doodling on my notebook before I was brought out of my boredom by Natsume.
"Class, as you know, the student council will be holding a festival soon. We would like to hear your opinion about what should be in the festival. It would be very helpful if you can take the survey and hopefully Mr. Leary won't mind," he added looking at our social studies teacher who just came in.
"I don't mind but we need to get straight to work afterwards."
I was shocked when I heard the announcement. I never knew about this and certainly I need to be informed of this decision for I am second-in-command of the student council. I turned to Natsume when he handed half of the surveys to me.
"Why wasn't I informed of this?" I said narrowing my eyes at him.
"You weren't in the council room when we discussed this," he said shrugging.
"Even so, it wouldn't hurt to inform me. After all I'm the one that'll be in charge of you are ever absent or busy," I said glaring at him
"Just do your work.... Apprentice," he snapped
I grabbed the surveys and handed them out, slamming them on the students' desk in the process.
"Okay. If you are done with your survey, please take out your textbooks and flip to page 538. We will start taking notes from there," Mr. Leary announced.
The rest of the morning was an absolute bore. I paid little attention to the teachers, knowing that they wouldn't dare to call on me. When the lunch bell rang, I jumped up, running for the stair case but not before someone stopped me.
"Vice president, the council wants to speak to you. They are currently waiting for you behind the school." a girl said, almost too innocently. I shook my head to clear the feeling that she was lying .
"You don't want to go?" she said as if she was upset.
"No, no. I am going. I, um, just have to do something first," I said.
After I was done doing my thing, I walked down the stairs quickly, hoping the meeting won't take long since Roy is waiting for me,
"Took you a long time, Ice Princess."
I whipped my head around and saw a group of girls corner me. I realized these were the girls that saw me yesterday.
"So there wasn't any meeting at all?" I said.
"Of course not. You were pretty stupid to believe me," a girl said stepping out of the group. I immediately recognized her as the one who told me of the meeting.
"So do you have a thing for Natsume?" the girls said, stepping forward as if to be more threatening.
I smiled, "No. I'm not the one that has a thing for Natsume. Rather that, isn't it you?"
"Are you okay? Rachel, is the heat getting to you again?" I enjoyed the fact that Rachel stepped away from me in shock.
"And you, Perrina. I noticed you would always wear or carry something pink. Is it some charm so Natsume can like you? Britney." I said stepping forward as to show them that their presence doesn't scare me at all. They backed off immediately, wariness showing on their faces.
"I noticed, Britney. Everytime Natsume passes by you, you touch your ring finger with your thumb" I smiled as the girls trembled, trying to (note that I said trying to) hold in their fear.
"Why would you know those thing? Eww are you a stalker? Come on girls, let's get out of here." one of the girls said. Apparently she was the leader and all the girls quickly ran away.
I sighed as I slumped down against the wall.


Natsume's POV

When I announced the surveys, I saw pure shock in Linalee. I smirked because the student council wanted to tell Linalee about the festival but I managed to convince them that she already knew about it. If the plan goes according to what I thought, they student council will blame her for her laziness.
"Why wasn't I informed of this," she said, narrowing her eyes at me.
I shrugged her comment off, "You weren't in the council room when we discussed this"
"Even so, it wouldn't hurt to inform me. After all I'm the one that'll be in charge of you are ever absent or busy," she said glaring at me accusingly
That was it. I was pissed at her. "Do your work.... Aprentice."
I didn't pay attention to the rest of the morning knowing that today I will get my revenge on her. The girls from yesterday agreed that they will corner her and bully her.
When the lunch bell rang, I saw Linalee leaving with one of the girls. I quickly got up from my seat.
"Excuse me, girls. I'm sorry but I can't eat lunch with you today. Maybe tomorrow?" I smiled at the girls. They looked sad but at least they were content with me being with then tomorrow. Act kind and sweetly to the girls and they become your servant.
From the balcony of the school, I watched the girls corner Linalee. Girls are weak against their own gender.
I was still smiling until the moment I realized that Linalee fought back. I was shocked. The girl is truly invincible. I shook my head not believing what was happening. I won't lose to her. I know she will be back soon so I am preparing a comeback.



Wow that was the longest chapter I had written XD. I hope you like it.

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