Impossible Feelings

Linalee, a beautiful girl who has deep hatred for humans ever since betrayed by the people she loved, is cold hearted to everyone, earning the title, " The Ice Princess" at school. On the other side, Natsume, a cute, handsome, kind, smart, and forgiving boy on the outside is very popular with everyone. Inside, Natsume is ambitious and wants to make everyone fall in love with him including Linalee so he could manipulate them. They meet and Linalee uses Natsume for her manga but the two plays a dangerous game of who falls in love first and that person will submit to the other. The story gets complicated when Roy (Linalee's cousin) plays an important part.


2. Dark Secret

 Thank you for reading this far. Probably you might have noticed the grammar mistakes. Sorry, I'm always weak in that point :P.


     I can use this confession I thought. I waited for Natsume's response and found out that he rejected her. This made me angry to see how he still managed to smile even though he just hurt someone's feelings. All humans are the same, not reliable. I was still in the corner when Natsume walked up. He smiled.

"Hello, um Linalee, right?

I glared at him and slightly nodded my head.

"I'm from your class," he said, still smiling.

"I know. You're Natsume," I said with annoyance in my voice while I struggled not to slap the stupid smile off his face.

"Wow. so you know me, huh? Clearly if he ignored my tone and continued to talk.

"What was that about?" I seethed, trying to control my anger.

"Oh, so you saw that. I'm sorry. I don't know what the girls see in me," he replied with pretend sadness.

"I know. I can't believe that the girls found you interesting when you're so.... boring" I snapped. The flash of shock that crossed his face proved that he was never spoken to this way.

"So what do you want from me?" I asked, eager to leave.

"You know, Linalee, I've always wanted to talk to you," he replied flashing me a sheepish smile.

My eyes bugged but I quickly regained my posture and took a deep breath before walking away. No use trying to waste time on this dull boy when I should be searching for ideas for my manga.

After school was over, I met up with Roy, my cousin who is the only person I trusted, not once betraying me. We lived close together ever since I was abandoned and we went to the same schools together.

"How was your day? Did you find any ideas?" he said while still reading his book. Roy is a nerd, all day reading books yet he gets exellent grades in physical education too but at least he is shy so he doesn't attract as much attention as normal boys do.

"Not really. I met up with smiley face and wasted precious minutes on him so I couldn't do anything."

"Why don't you go around and video tape some stuff? Maybe you might be able to catch a couple kissing so you can use it for your manga." he offered with a twinke in his eye.

"Good idea. I'll meet you in 1/2 an hour at the main gate then."

I took out my phone and started video taping the school halls. I did not see anything interesting as I wandered around but as I neared the homeroom, I heard a vioce. Quickly, I hid, peeking through the window. Then I saw the student council president.

"Hmmm. 14 down and 1 more to go. Damn, the last one will be quite a challenge. At least Akira confessed and now all I need is Linalee's confession and my game will be complete." I heard Natsume announce proudly. This new side of him is interesting so I continued to video tape the moment.

"Soon I can manipulate everyone in this school. Can't wait."

I stop the tape record and tried to zoom in on the paper that Natsume placed on the table. After a few tries, I got a pretty good shot. Then I entered the room banging the door hard, announcing my approach. Startled, Natsume turned around quickly.

"Natsume, I hear everything and recorded it too," I said playing the video as I talked.

"WHAT?!?!" he exclaimed, his eyes in shock and fear.

"If you don't want me to show this to everyone, you better listen to what I'm about to tell you"

Natsume considered this and slowly nodded.


I can't write cliffhangers!! Sorry, I wanted the next thing that happened to be a surprise. Some of my friends were mad at me XD

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